November 26, 2014

Oh Yes, She Did

I am quickly coming to the realization that my daughter is capable of just about anything. She is kind to animals and not keen to start a fire, thank God, but everything else is a distinct possibility.

For Halloween, Mabel wanted to be a zombie. Not just any zombie (and definitely not a prissy Barbie-style zombie), but a bloody, gory zombie. She also wanted a homemade costume, so I obliged. Her costume contained a healthy amount of makeup to make her look, you know, dead - so she was super excited.  Her 1st grade class encouraged costumes that Halloween Friday for their party, however makeup was strictly prohibited. That meant we needed to move to plan B for the party.

I offered to give her some crazy hair and told her she could wear anything wacky that she wanted. The child came upstairs in an outfit I have seen her in before - which basically means Mabel dresses like Punky Brewster at all times. Moving on. I gave her 8 precious looped ponies, which we call "polar bear ears" in our house. She giggled and was super excited to go to school and show them off. I reminded her how to pull them out (super easy, by the way), but asked her NOT TO.  She let me snap a quick picture before she got on the bus.

At some point during her morning, and well before their party, Mabel became keenly aware of those 8 polar bear ears atop her head, and she also became very worried that someone would laugh at her for having them. Embarrassment is a new feeling for Mabel, but certainly what little girls worry about at that age (have you heard, school kids can be MEAN?), so she asked her teacher to take out her ponies. Her teacher refused and told her that she looked darling.

Once she realized Mrs. S wasn't going to help her out, Mabel took matters into her own hands, and grabbed a pair of scissors on her way to the bathroom. Once she had some privacy, she worked at those polar bear ears and got 7 of them out.  The 8th one - the one with the blue rubber band at the front, by her face - it gave her some trouble. So she made a chop.

1/2" from her scalp.

Oh yes, she did.

When I got home that day, I observed my daughter giggling and bouncing (she is always giggling and bouncing) while we got ready to go out trick-or-treating and I noticed that something was a little... off.  Upon closer inspection, I thought my daughter resembled Billy Ray Cyrus. And I realized that she had half-mulletted herself that day.

(next morning photo)

We had no time to spare and there really wasn't much to do anyway - so I gooped up her zombie in the bathroom. I sprayed her hair with black hairspray in spots, added the white and green makeup, and gave her dead eyes, by request. Oh, and the bloody mouth from where she was eating brains. I also teased up her hair - which the neighborhood loved by the way.

She really wasn't too concerned about the loss of TEN INCHES of hair from the front of her head, so I figured I shouldn't be either. Can't make it grow any faster anyway.

Sigh. This child.

November 19, 2014

So Busy

Things are crazy for me right now, yo.  I hardly have time to blog (sorry, Mom).  Work is GREAT. Kids are GREAT. Husband is GREAT. God is our King and always GREAT.

I have millions of ideas to blog, but scrapbooking them out sort of steals some thunder. I'm okay with that for now, though. And painting. Lord, love me some painting. I'll have more on that soon, I hope.

In other news, I found out yesterday that my tattoo artist is moving to Florida to take a HUGE tattoo job. I'm super proud of him (he's a young'n), but he was really hard for my picky ass to find so I am sad as well. Also this means I have a week to meet with him to finish my arm...

November 11, 2014

More pages

One of the scrap projects I've been doing is weekly Project Life. That's a two page layout (usually) per week in 2014.  I haven't been working in particular order, which is why a planner comes in so handy for PL. I plan to go back and (using my blog, Facebook, Instagram, and calendar) reconstruct 2013 as well. It was a big year for us and deserves to be documented.

One of the techniques that I enjoy using is transparency printing. I love the texture it provides to pages.

And paint. Have I mentioned paint? I lovvvvvveee me some paint.

Always and forever paint.

November 7, 2014

They Are Not Tiny

A couple of weekends go, I was hard up to scrap, yo.  I was filled up with love from both husband and children which put me squarely in the please-leave-me-alone-to-create-for-hours mode.  I love that mode. I make a total mess with paint and paper and don't clean my house for hours. It comes rarely! So my husband took off with the kiddos and went to a local state park to play in the leaves so that I could stay home and let the creative beast out of my brain. I stayed in my jammies, drank coffee, and put Grey's Anatomy on.

They went to the same state park that we got married in - which is also the same park we took them to even longer ago, when we created some spectacular photos that still hang in our home.

Bryon is an amazing husband. There are a lot of reasons he is, but he really topped himself that day. Not only did he take the kids out of the house to play for hours - happily... but he also took photos and sent them to me.

My husband artfully recreated several of the images we took years ago, and made me fall in love with our family all over again.

Wow. Our girls are so beautiful. I love how they love each other. Even if sometimes that love is tolerance.

My mini man. He thought it would be hilarious to climb up in that tree. Can't wait to show this one to his future wife.

Did I mention that Bryon packed them a lunch, too? Eat your heart out, ladies. He's the bomb diddly.

They were all so tiny.

Now, not tiny.

This one made me tear up.  What a kind and loving husband I have!

God is amazing.

November 6, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. Amen. Preach it!

2. This one may have been posted before. Love this open living room/kitchen area. That chesterfield is beat the heck up and it needs to come home with me right this instant. As well as that kitchen oven hood.

3. Literally looking for a size XS for the Moo.

4. Dream hair. So purdy.

5. Dear Anthro, why do you have to have such cool soaps that look like minerals and then charge a million dollars for them? Le sigh.

6. Since I fell in love with scrapbooking again, I've been loving illustrations I've found on Pinterest, including this by Ashley Percival.

7. I am a J.Crew whore. I can admit it.

8. THIS.  Favorite of favorites.

9. I have been staring at these same repaired, deconstructed jeans for a coon's age.  I need to make some, stat!

All images are Pinned for sources.

November 3, 2014

Spelling Lessons

It is very hard for me to believe that Mabel Rae has reached the point in her life where spelling tests begin. I mean, she's the baby, right? Sigh. I know, I know.

So my baby brought home her first spelling list a couple of weeks ago, along with 'lightning words' to practice.  Immediately, the spelling bee champ in the house (my husband) was activated. I mean, I, too, am a spelling bee champ - but this man won multiple bees as a child so I let him have this honor completely at home. We're nerds, People. Just accept it.

So Daddy got her list and a piece of chalk, and he hit the board for spelling lessons.  They practices and conjugated and wrote sentences together while I cooked dinner. It was pretty sweet.

She ate it up! Each week Mabel practices her list with one of us or her siblings and so far, she's doing great.

She has also recently tossed aside her level 8 reading book and asked for chapter books for Christmas. I think I might have another book worm in the family and I am SOOOO excited about that!

I love how they grow, but wish I could just freeze time some days.

October 28, 2014

Bedtime Prayers

Every night before bed, I lean down and put my face very close to Mabel’s face, and I pray with her. I listen to her sweet breath go in and out while I talk to Jesus. I do not repeat the same prayer twice, but I try to make sure to cover many of the usual things we want our children to be grateful for.  So on this night I said our prayer into her sweaty curls and then sent her down to get into bed.  Shortly after, I went down for the official “tucking in” process of fluffing her quilt and lighting her unicorn Dreamlight and pulling her afghans up for snuggling. After tucking her and kissing and hugging her little arms, I told her good night and started to walk out. She said with her polite voice, “Um, Mama? I have something to ask you quick. Even though that we already did prayer, can we pray again?”

“Do you have something to pray?” I asked her. She nodded.

She cleared her throat and clasped her hands beneath her tiny chin. “Dear Lohhhrd,” she began - so cutely my heart stopped for a sec.  “Thank you for this day. Thank you for all of our blessings. Thank you for the delicious food we had for dinner and for keeping us healthy and safe.” She peeked open her eyeballs to see if I was still bowing with her, eeked out a baby grin at me as she was very proud of herself, and kept on. “Please help all of us to be better tomorrow than we were today. Please help me to get a sticker tomorrow at school, and also be good on the bus and at home with the boys. Help me to listen and make good choices. Thank you for dying on the cross for our sins so we can see you in Heaven one day. Amen.”

As I listened in the dark to my baby daughter who is not a baby anymore at all, I marveled at how she owned her prayers that night. For whatever habit, we start prayers with ‘Dear Jesus’ most of the time. On this night, she started her own prayer to her Lord instead. SHE did that. SHE made that choice out of reverence for her King! She, at 7, is beginning to know what the Trinity is all about. Praise God!

After she amen-ed, I had to lean over and hug on her again.  “You have the best prayers,” I said. “You keep praying whenever you feel moved to do it. God loves to hear from you.”

“And you give the best hugs,” she said, and squeezed my neck tight.

October 27, 2014

Dr. Mabel, a Vet or Etymologist

Mabelicious is in love with everything that has legs.

Especially bugs.

We live on water and this child is outside alla-time, catching and releasing who knows what. Last winter she caught a vole (fat field mouse-like thing) with her winter gloves ON, thankfully. That capture didn't end well because, "he was fine until Trevor tripped me and I fell on him. And then his eyeball popped out. Then I had to bury him, Mom." Ahem. Poor vole.

This past spring, Canadian geese families brought their babies to our lake for bathing. At one point I counted 15 goose families plowing through our yard. In case you're not sure how many goslings a mama and papa goose put out, it's about 10. So if you're keeping track, that means 150 geese were flopping their little flappy, black feet through the grass, which incidentally does NOT make daddy happy. But the goslings are to die for darling, all fuzzy and ugly! Mabel just adores them. She named about fifty.

One spring day she noticed one wandering down the street alone, just quacking for his mama.  Sadly, there was no mama to be found. So Mabel immediately checked for cars and rescued him. "I saved his life, Mom! He was going to be squarshed!" Trevor was afraid she'd pop his eyeball out, but she was very gentle and soothing. She patted him on the head and kissed his little fuzzy face eleventy times. He quacked for his mama and she helped him look for her. She invited him inside to take a bath with her forever, too. Eventually, Trevor and Andy convinced her to release him into the lake, which she did. But she watched for him out the window constantly.

She rescued a bird that fell from a tree while at her dad's over the summer.

And I think I've lost count of how many grasshoppers and frogs she's caught at the house since they've been back. Maybe close to 100. Seriously. She's fearless.

And the thing is? They're not afraid of her either. This little grasshopper stayed stuck to her hand for a very long time. She gave him a ride up and down the sidewalk on her bike.

There will be a snake soon, you watch.  Can't live next to cornfields AND be on water and not see some slithery things every now and then. Until then, the bugs keep her occupied.

Caterpillars are fun, too.

I'm certain she's pulled legs off just to see what happens, to see if they are like a worm and regenerate (um... they're not). We've talked about being kind to God's creatures, even the creepy crawly ones. Leaving the legs on and washing hands and 'please don't pick up snakes'. But she's so curious.

While Aunt Gretchen was over last week, Mabel was talking about Allie in Heaven. And seconds later, she reached out and caught a monarch butterfly with one hand, and then carefully handed it to Aunt Gretchen. It was like Allie herself appeared. So touching and sweet.

Still loves horses. And the cats, of course. Neighbor Dave's dogs - she goes to his house to feed them with him almost every day. She just wants to take care of everything she can. Now with the bugs. There are daily grasshoppers up in my house.  I'm okay with it, so long as she releases her critters and washes her hands.

Maybe she'll be a veterinarian or an etymologist. Or a dentist. Who knows? But I think her heart and curiosity would be wasted on dentistry.

October 23, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. If you are looking for a verse to read every morning over coffee, this is a great one.

2. A super favorite 6x8 Project Life layout I've been using for inspiration.

3. Simple workwear. Love.

4. Y'all know I'm a sucker for floraly arms. Love this one.

5. Love the polish and the rings. All of it.

6. I have made this big ass pancake and it is the bomb diddly. However don't do what I did and look at the little ingredients list and think that it won't be enough for you because, it will be. Do not be tempted to double this recipe unless you're feeling triplets. Just trust me.

7. Hey! This is what I do in my hot yoga sculpt class!

8. These look like yummy little zucchini pizza bites! Find them HERE

9. Any dining area with shell chairs steals my heart like pow.

10. Love this bedroom!

11. And this one. That poster and blue bedspread!

12. Oh midcentury modern dresser, my beloved.

13. *Faints*

14. Peonies are my very most favorite.

All images are Pinned for sources.