October 23, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. If you are looking for a verse to read every morning over coffee, this is a great one.

2. A super favorite 6x8 Project Life layout I've been using for inspiration.

3. Simple workwear. Love.

4. Y'all know I'm a sucker for floraly arms. Love this one.

5. Love the polish and the rings. All of it.

6. I have made this big ass pancake and it is the bomb diddly. However don't do what I did and look at the little ingredients list and think that it won't be enough for you because, it will be. Do not be tempted to double this recipe unless you're feeling triplets. Just trust me.

7. Hey! This is what I do in my hot yoga sculpt class!

8. These look like yummy little zucchini pizza bites! Find them HERE

9. Any dining area with shell chairs steals my heart like pow.

10. Love this bedroom!

11. And this one. That poster and blue bedspread!

12. Oh midcentury modern dresser, my beloved.

13. *Faints*

14. Peonies are my very most favorite.

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October 21, 2014

Combat Boots are Rad

Our middle girl loves the phrase "weird is rad."

She loves floral patterns of any kind and the color turquoise.

She loves to be different and stand out.

So when I was Pinning a few months ago, I spotted a pair of floral Doc Marten combat boots that screamed at me.

When Bryon and I were shopping before Allie's funeral, we saw a pair just sitting there, all in her size in everything.

She screamed when she opened the box. Then she sent me a picture the next morning while she got ready for school at mom's.


I understand the lure. I absolutely did have a pair of Docs in high school: all black, 8 eyelet, with the yellow stitching.

Combat boots are rad, man.

October 20, 2014

Moo Does Jenga

The birthday girl got some games this year, namely Jenga and Candyland.

After everyone left, Mabel saddled up to the island counter with her kitty surprise (oh my word, that thing). We decided to play some Jenga.

She said she is an expert because she played over the summer at her dad's. Okay then, sassafrass with the big girl teeth. Show me.

I learned that she is not an expert at using only one hand at a time (yet). But for our game, I decided it was okay.

Soon enough, kitty surprise had to move aside because homegirl got serious.

A few moves later, kitty joined again. Mabel's topknot looks delicious from this angle. She has such yummy hair. Anyway.

Unfortunately, the Jenga stack fell on her next move. She was not dismayed - not even a little. She's forever chipper, forever happy-go-lucky, and forever the child that will make my hair gray.

Happy birthday, Moolicious.

October 16, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. Favorite.

2. I am in search of this color, hard.

3. We have neared the close of the season for this dress, but I love it so much I had to post it. Just effortless.

4. Love this in between look from Damsel in Dior.

5. These skivvies make my skirt fly up. A LOT.  I am searching for them hard, too.

6. Zucchini lasagna!

7. This kitchen is amazing. White with the dark wood flooring and stainless appliances? YES.

8. There are a couple of rooms in our house where I consider wallpaper on a recurring basis, and the girls room is one of them. You guys, this looks like four different vintage rolls! Stunning. Just stunning.

9. I feel like the biggest ding dong. All this time, a potato?

10. This vintage, midcentury modern bar cabinet makes me want to wear a pencil skirt and drink a martini.

11. I may have to drive hours to get it, but I am seriously thinking of bring this fjalkinge shelving from Ikea home to live with me.

12. Maggie Holmes scrapbook lines are pretty amazing.  I love her new Open Book line. Those flowers, whoa.

13. One of my favorite 6x8 Project Life scrapbookers is Pam Garrison.  This page is a huge fave of mine.

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October 14, 2014

Our Week Consisted of This

I wish I'd videotaped this (camerataped ? What is the proper description for that anymore?) so you could hear the giggling.  I had a third photo where Trevor almost had Bryon in a head lock - but it was too blurry to post. I'm not sure what will happen when Trevor gains another 50 lbs and their sizes are evenly matched, but I'm sure they'll figure it out. This is love for the two of them. Whenever either one is snippy, I sic the other one on him. Works like a charm. They both come up smiles.

We also visited Aunt Gretchen's house for soup and sandwiches this past week. Mabel ate two bowls of deer chili because her cousin Will did. Grandma watched the Huskers play football while we played dominoes and talked about Allie for hours. Aunt Gretch was Hayley's co-captain. It was great.

Andrew picked up his strat this week for the first time in too long. He is amazing with that thing. Lord I love that child.

Trevor is getting a lot of game time. Like, a lot. They've moved his position multiple times, but he usually plays safety or wide receiver. He doesn't play first string because there are multiple coaches and all of them have a son on the team - ahem - but when he plays, he kicks ass. So proud of him. He LOVES it and he's so, so good.

I love that Trevor is a mommy's boy. Not in the batshit crazy way, but in the really yummy and smooshy way. He comes to snuggle all the time, asks me to rub his back or his neck (especially when he has a headache). I've learned not to "notice" his snuggling because calling it out embarrasses him, but lawsie, I soak it up every chance I get.

I'm so grateful for all four of them.

October 8, 2014

The Moo is Seven

A week ago, the baby turned 7.  As in, SEVEN.

Wow is what I have to say to that.

Mabel kicked off her birthday with a sleepover with her best friend. They played Barbies and stayed up late talking about boys. Totally not kidding.

Then on Sunday, we had family over for a cookout and cake. Gluten free chocolate, at her request. God love my children.

There was Candyland and Jenga, and skating Elsa from Aunt Gretchen. And of course, Kitty Surprise.

We sang and she swooned, my girl with the messy bun.

I hope she wished for more years with her family and thanked God for all of us together. I hope she wished for lots of giggles and questions at bedtime. I hope she wished for more dry cereal, animals, and stickers. I hope she wished to be the same little girl we love, always.

She is mighty loved.

She is amazing and we love her so. Happy birthday, Moo Rae.

October 6, 2014

Four Blessings

A funeral is an awful reason to dress up, but I was delighted to see how beautiful our kids were on the Tuesday morning that we buried Allie. It was so somber and yet, had so much beauty. Kids are amazing. They can go from tears to laughter in .003 seconds. Mmmm. There is so much God in that.

The boys were wow. So handsome and unique - both of them.

And the girls looked so pretty. So vibrant and full of personality.

We are so amazingly blessed. We've been holding on to that feeling ever since, especially during times when they're poking on each other or giggling at the dinner table or farting in church and we want to pull our hair out.

They are all here and healthy for us to love. Amen to that.