June 21, 2007


I found this image while perusing my favorite blogs this morning. Loving it... and feeling very inspired to craft something. You can find it here: http://neststudio.typepad.com/moopy_me/

I want the chair... in fact, I want both of them.

Plus I am totally loving what she's done with her kids' artspace/playspace. The boys make some really, really nice artwork sometimes and I would love to get it up on the walls. Trying to think of ideas on how to do it without having to frame everything, though - that gets boring. I honestly may pick up some 12x12-ish canvases from Michael's and then ask both of the boys to paint them as they see fit. I have the acrylic paints and they have the creativity, so why not? They can each paint one for over their beds and then both work on one together for baby sister's room perhaps. More thinking on this...

Last inspiration (from the same site - I love her, lol) was this ultra cute paper-pieced bunny. I have so many ideas for the walls in the baby's room that I am really going to have to sit down and think of what I really want in there. This is just too cute for words, and seems so easy to create. This is 8 pieces of paper, some adhesive, and a pen... that's it! Love it.

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  1. Saved this little bunny to my BOS. Love the idea....maybe I can do something with this. I also love the idea of having the kids paint on a canvas. How cute would that be.....