June 19, 2007

Less of A Project, More of An Overhaul

So, a couple of weeks ago I finally got around to watching "The Break Up." First, I love Jennifer Aniston - maybe a little too much. But, this movie stunk like my six year old's feet. It was just awful - plus, who wants to watch two people bicker back and forth for two hours. Exhausting! But - something very, very good came of that movie. I was inspired by the condo the couple was fighting over in the movie... not quite contemporary, but definitely modern. So, I started investigating.

Now, I frequently look around online and find things that I love - for no reason other than that they speak to me - and I save them. So, I investigated my stash of photos and guess what... I've been dogearing this style for months. Naturally, I had to make some lists of things I could change immediately (low budget) and some things that I could make from home (no budget)... and some things I had to buy immediately. And then I met my best friend, Crate & Barrel. *Swoon*

I ordered two of these for our living room. I *love* them so much. Very modern but will still match the majority of the decor we have going on at home. Incidentally, these lamps are my Mother's Day gift to myself.

These are the lamps that I want for the master bedroom. I haven't ordered them yet, but they are next on my list!!!

These are the pillows I ordered for the living room. We have bright green walls and black and white woodwork in that room, so they will look fantastic!

Some of the other photos which inspire me.... this living room shot is soooo swoony. I get heart palpitations when looking at how

Hilary Lang (http://www.weewonderfuls.com/) decorates. Here is another. This is her child's bedroom. Oh be still, my heart. Hilary, if you ever come to my blog I hope that you are as flattered as you should be, because you really could style for a magazine. I emulate this.

There are more pictures in my style stash, so, I'll say... look here:
http://tarawhitney.typepad.com/me/2007/05/phewplaying_cat.html to see what I'm up to. Really, all of our furniture can stay (as my husband heaves a sigh of relief). I'm okay with it mixing. But I just want to define some cool style for our home. I'm in love. In love with change. Maybe I'm nesting... who knows. More on this soon.

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