June 20, 2007

Oh So Many Pictures

Lots of pictures to share today. Settle in for a great show.

First up, Andy Man. He was the ultimate cool while watching Trevor's last T-ball game two weeks ago. He said he was feeling macho because his little girlfriend was there. Darling.

Trevor's kindergarten class celebrated the last day of school with a field day. With a pirate theme, Matey! They dug for gold in the sand, made pirate snacks (mini pretzel rods, goldfish, and mini marshmallows), made treasure box crafts, walked the plank, and played tug of war. It was VERY cute. Here's our pirate.

I LOVE this picture. I always catch these great action shots as a fluke (then, when I want them the lighting isn't right or something isn't working). So, we were visiting Daddy's side of the family up at Marr Lake in Michigan's Irish Hills. This was Trevor's first swim of the year - Memorial Day weekend. The water was chilly, but the boy did not care... he went flying off of that dock before I had time to even adjust my lens. Thank goodness for "auto". I especially love his fingers all poking out, like he's bracing himself for the water. Hee Hee.

Oh my. Is he not the cutest? He has a tee shirt on his head and he was being totally silly, but I can see the 'little-boy-innocent' in his eyes. Just beautiful.

Here is Trevor strangling Andy at his preschool graduation. In a pew. At a church. You know, God was totally laughing.

Oh heck yeah, T Dog. I told you the kid had an arm! Look at that stance, too! No one taught him this, he just started doing it. The coach was really thrilled to have Trevor on his team this year... he really, really appreciates the game. I can't wait to watch where he takes this as he gets older. Very cool.

And I love this one, simply because he looks small in it. Little. Young. My child. Unlike Mr. Macho throwing the ball in the previous picture. I love these little glimpses of youth that show up in Trevor these days. It's so sad to me that he's growing up so fast, so I really really love to see when he looks little. But, it makes my heart hurt a bit.

Here we are at Grandma and Grandpa's lake on Memorial Day. The funniest thing about this picture is that they are looking at themselves like "how did all this sand get here?" They spent a good while sanding up before dancing around like mud babies... I will most definitely humiliate them with this when they are older.

So, that's it. Well, it's some highlights. What we've been up to lately.

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  1. These pics are awesome! The one of all the boys is my FAV!!!! They are all so photogenic!