June 27, 2007


Oh my heavens. I can't believe that I was able to get this much scrapbooking done in the past few days. I planned it all ahead of time, yes, but even that doesn't usually buy me quite as much time as I was able to spend this week. Andy being sick at home yesterday did help; he was quite content to watch movies all morning and early afternoon. Trevor was immersed in his Nintendo DS and I didn't bother him. Baby sister was content to kick the morning away and didn't cause me too much of a backache. We did sneak out for some pool time around 3, but after the boys went to bed, I went back to work on some more pages. It was very nice... so relaxing. I am very pleased that I started using traditional scrapbooking supplies again. I've gone hybrid, I guess. It wasn't easy for me.

Until recently, I made every single one of my scrapbooking pages 100% digitally, including digital embellishments like paint, staples, ribbon, title, all of it. I literally did not step foot in a scrapbooking store for over a year. Then, a few months ago I had a crisis of conscience of my lack of traditional scrapbooking supply usage. I think I just needed to feel the elements in my hands, smell the paint, see the stack of finished pages sitting there with some bulk to them. Don't get me wrong, I still love the ease of digital scrapbooking, and come to think of it, I have always done it in some respect, but I doubt I will ever do a 100% digital page again (wow, did I just say that?). My best friend may shoot me, because I called her up and sang the praises of digital scrapbooking so loud that I tipped her right over into converting. It is much easier after all. Now look at me - a traitor. Truthfully, I had more FUN these past few days than I had while doing things at the computer. Now I can just start there, and then let crativity take over. It was fun to plan out the pages and think about what I wanted to glue or paint or embellish. I LOVED it. It made my heart happy. And I can tell you that I love every single one of the pages below, and I love them at least a thousand times more than I liked them before. They are completely different than they were digital. I changed so many things - I made each and every page *fit* me. And it was worth getting the paint under my fingernails.

So, below are the pages that I've gotten finished since Monday morning. Please keep in mind that the base of each page was already completed digitally and printed on photo paper. Yes, each one was planned out in a notebook, but I'm all for improvising or using fun things that you have on hand. And my supply is low. I like it that way, but I also like to improvise. I used a lot of ric-rac this week. I'm liking it. I also came to the realization that I need to buy stock in chipboard letters and Making Memories paint (you were right, Lulu). They are a favorite of mine. There is some sweat in these pages and it felt soooo great to put it there. While I was working I noticed that the print quality of some of the pages isn't so hot... but for now, I print on the printer I have. Maybe later I can send some pages to ScrapbookPictures.com (my favorite) for printing. Until then, I am going to be THRILLED with what I have and the freedom to just create the way I am!

Finally, I'm afraid to tell you that I apparently cannot stand still while pregnant and almost every one of these layout photos is blurry - sorry about that. I will try to steady myself more for the next round. Oh yes, I'm so pleased with these that I'm going to dig back into my 100% digital stash and find a bunch more layouts that are flat and uninteresting to me now... and then I'm going to liven them up and sweat them out, too! Okay, okay, enough talking already!

Note: I'm not going to take the space to write out all of the supplies I used for each page, but if you are interested in something I have used, just let me know! Okay, here we go...

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