June 28, 2007

Some Online Shopping

I'll spare you all the details of my yummy Ikea chair and footstool that are on their way here for the nursery, and skip right to the good stuff - scrapbooking supplies. Last night, I was browsing through my digital files (umpteen bagillion of them) of kits and paper packs and I found myself bored. Maybe it was because I hadn't bought any new digi supplies in so long. Maybe it was because I was sick of looking at the same old papers again. Whatever the reaosn, I cleaned them up, deleted a ton, and bought some new. I think my total cost for everything below was less than $25. I did good, I think... and I can't wait to use my new papers for some NEW hybrid pages! All items below were purchased through http://www.digichick.com/, http://www.catscrap.com/, and http://www.mydigitalmuse.com/.

Aren't they yummy? Can't wait to use them!

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