June 27, 2007

Still Spinning, But More Slowly Now

Well, Andy is feeling much better. That kid can rebound like nobody's business, I tell ya. Such a happy little critter. The boys have been having a blast at Safety Village, a safety program put on by our local school. The other day they came home with these cute frames of them and Officer Bill. Tomorrow, I've been told 100 times, is firetruck day. They are both really looking forward to that!

On the way to school today, Trevor asked me if later, could I please lay down on my back so that they could use my huge belly as a hot wheels ramp? Seriously. I told him no, lol. Huge belly, huh? Well, almost. But trust me - it gets bigger. I still have at least 10 weeks left, if not 14.

Finally, before I started my scrapathon, I wanted to work on the baby's room. I did end up hanging the curtains and the rods, which included one hell of a corner arrangement. If you look closely you will see a rubber band. Oh yes, isn't this an engineering marvel? I'm hating it. A lot. I'm hating it so much that I may rip it all down and then return the curtains to Pottery Barn (not very modern looking at all) and the rods to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Now about the rods, I realize that I bought them all traditional-looking, but that's only because they are exactly the same as the curtain rods in the rest of the house... and for resale purposes down the line, shouldn't they all match??? Sigh. I am disillusioned by the curtains in the nursery. Boo.

I also made a total score at Michael's by accident this week. As I was walking in, they had these finish-it-yourself wooden frames in their $1 bins. I grabbed up 4 and painted them to match the nursery and the stitchettes. I *think* I like them, but I reserve the right to change my mind (and waste my $4) once the rest of the nursery is put together. I'm loving the colors and everything, just wondering if I wouldn't like white metal frames instead, now that I know these are 4x6" frames. I'll have to think on this some more.

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