July 3, 2007

Happy 4th!

I am in denial that summer is going by so quickly, I really am. It seems like just last week that Trevor was signed up for Spring Tball and we were discussing Summer camp. Now here we are right in the middle of camp and the 4th of July is passing us by. Man.

We had a great weekend, albeit one that I hope to quickly forget. We went to the in-laws lake for a party on Sunday. Within an hour of our arrival, Andy cut the sole of his foot on a clamshell at the bottom of the lake and was *this close* to needing stitches. Luckily, one of my sisters-in-law is a nurse and together, we patched up the 3/4" gash with New Skin, 2 butterflies, and a waterproof bandage. All of this has had to be replaced now about 5 times, but it's on the bottom of a 4 year old's foot. What do I expect? So... about an hour after the foot gashing incident, Trevor and Andy bonked heads and both required ice. Then, an hour after that, Trevor fell off the flood wall at the end of the yard, down the rocks, and into the lake. Oh yes. He did. Somehow, his guardian angels (who - along with Andy's - are getting a big pay raise after this weekend, I think) guided him down the embankment so that he only bruised his thigh. It could have been SO much worse. Two of the other cousins were hurt that evening as well. Thankfully, when they brought out the sparklers at dusk, there were no additional incidents. I think they were all just excited and behaving silly. Whatever it was, I'm praying it's over.

Daddy got home from his business trip Saturday night. He was excited Sunday morning (prior to the above barbeque from hell) to put the crib together. After wrangling with the nuts, bolts, and screws, I am happy to annouce that the nursery is definitely underway. The little crib looks so alone in there. Upon assembly of the crib, I discovered that I didn't like the red bedskirt or crib ruffle. It was too much.

I wanted it to look more delicate. So, I returned them on the way to the party and got white ones. A little plain, yes - but very understated and classic, I think. The blanket below them in the picture is baby's new quilt. I *love* it so much. Very precious and I can't wait to see her wrapped up in it.

So, that's what we've been up to. Happy to cool off on the hot days in the pool, content to veg out on the cool or rainy days and just enjoy summer break. I'm really, really trying to let the kids feel like they're getting a break.

Oh - I almost forgot. One last layout that I did late last week that didn't make the photo transfer last time around.

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