July 23, 2007

Happy Monday

Here it is Monday already. Another great weekend. I'll run through it shortly, but first want to say - I'M NOT DONE WITH THE BOOK YET, so get away with the spoilers!!! I seriously cannot watch the news, read the paper, or even Yahoo news. I'm scared to check my best friend's blog just in case there is something there I'm not ready to see. I've made it to page 540-something - Gringott's. WOW - this book is phenomenal and it really took off before it was even out of the second chapter. Like, Bang! Hold on for the ride! I brought it with me to read at lunch today. Only about 200 pages left, so I should be done by tomorrow. Then I can resurface in the world again. :)

As I speculated, I felt far too guilty to just sit and read all weekend, so I did some work around the house. I did three loads of laundry and made three homemade chicken pot pies (I took the time to hand chop all of the vegetables, fresh this time - it truly made it fantastic!) - one for Sunday dinner and the other two to freeze for when baby sister arrives and I don't feel like cooking.

Baby sister. Oh, less than 70 days left now and I was really feeling it yesterday. Lots of pelvic pain - as in, my actual pelvis feels like it's splitting in two. OUCH. Believe it or not, the Tempurpedic isn't taking it away. I didn't really think it would... pregnancy pain is no match for ANY mattress, no matter how therapeutic. All of me but my hips love our new mattress. Sorry - tangent - so, baby sister and I are doing well. I have so many ideas on belly pages all of a sudden, but I'm still scared to scrap her before she's born. Dumb pregnancy ju-ju. If you've ever lost one, you know *exactly* what I'm talking about.

Over the weekend my husband came to me again, wanting to take another family trip to Home Depot. Well, okay then. The result was going from these very hideous things:

To these not at all hideous and MUCH more updated things:

Dude - replacing the light fixtures in the kitchen, dining room, and bedroom weren't even on my list! FANTASTIC! I'm overjoyed.

Hopefully I'll have a book review for you tomorrow.

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  1. love the lights!!

    Don't worry. I didn't post any spoilers. Roger just finished HP last night.

    Call and we'll chat.