July 9, 2007

Holy Swimming Cow!

Big strides at our house this weekend. Andy is not afraid of the water, but after falling in the deep end last summer, he is a bit timid when it comes to the deep end. Until recently, he wouldn't wear swimmies on his arms because swimmies = deep water. He even refuses to let Dad and I practice swimming with him. The child will swim UNDER water like a fish (and properly, I might add), but just puts the brakes on when it comes to doing it the right way. Because he was not ready. Andy doesn't do ANYthing if he's not ready. Well, Daddy decided Andy needed to practice with his swimmies on yesterday and Andy promptly started screaming bloody murder. I had enough! I put the swimmies on him, nodded to Daddy, and threw him right in... the deep end. Oh yes, I did. And you know what? He SWAM. Not floated, not bobbed and kicked, but the kid busted out this secret doggy paddle maneuver that we'd never seen. He busted a big ole smile across his face, too as we cheered him on - even Trevor was cheering.

Within 2 minutes of being thrown in, he was doing this:

Scared, my butt! So, we officially have now 2 fish on our hands. Once Andy was sure of himself, he wasn't afraid. And he has agreed to wear the swimmies. In fact, he was mad when it was time to get out. I bet he jumped in about 50 times! Very proud. Here are some more sweet shots of the weekend in the pool.

Aren't they sweet? That's it for now. More to come later.

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