July 21, 2007

I'm In Harry Heaven

Okay, so that last post sounded cranky. Sorry. But I totally was cranky. Then, I decided to do something to make the time pass until my book arrived - so Trevor and I headed out to see The Order of the Phoenix (review in a minute). Would you believe that we ran into our mailman in the driveway? He said, "are you ready to read?" with this wicked smile on his face. So, I put HP7 safely inside and we continued to our movie. I was in a much better place already.

The movie was good, though as always, I wish they wouldn't cut so much out of the movies. The books truly, truly are much better. I couldn't believe that they omitted the howler to Aunt Penunia in the beginning and how that effects Harry's protection inside their home in Little Winging. I mean, that was really important. They also left out a LOT about the D.A. fighting the death eaters; those guys all did their part and that was sorely missing from the movie. But overall, I still give it an A+, mostly because I like Harry so much. And also because for today, it was something that Trevor and I shared, just the two of us.

So now I am home and before I start reading, I am blogging. Because I'm a dork.

I doubt I can read this entire book in one or two sittings; I mean I could if I were to ignore everything else, but since my guilt won't let me do that, it will likely take me a few days. Maybe not. Tomorrow is Sunday, after all. The day of rest. The day of I-stayed-up-all-night-reading-and-now-I-am-a -Do-Nothing.

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