July 21, 2007

I'm TRYING To Be Patient

But it's hard. Folks, in case you don't know or haven't guessed, I'm a bit of a nerd about some things. Especially when it comes to this:

So, it's Saturday, July 21 - the official release of the seventh and last book in the Harry Potter series. I've had difficulty in getting the new HP books in the past (sold out, most places) so this time, I preordered on Amazon.com. They promised me my book by today (they SAID morning) or it is free. Well, folks, it's 10:34 and I still haven't been able to snuggle into Harry yet. I'm pissed. Seriously.

I called Amazon customer service. I spoke to someone in India, which is typical and fine and all that, except this morning it wasn't because I couldn't understand a freaking word the guy was saying while dishing out coffee and cinnamon twists to the family. Once I made him repeat everything, I understood that the guarantee still stands. Well, that's great except I don't give a flying fig about my $18, I want my book! NOW! He said the book was sent via USPS and isn't trackable, except that it is supposed to be delivered today. Great... I'm no closer to anything.

I totally should have gone to Walmart and waited in line. *Sigh.*

I am totally and utterly disappointed. Praying for my mailman to come and bring me some Harry.

Guess I'll have to scrap today instead. And stay away from the internet, the radio, the television, and most-unfortunately my best friend... all of whom know what happens except for ME! I'll never forgive my husband for spoiling just one thing (don't worry, I wouldn't dare share what he spilled to me after overhearing it on the radio and thinking it was stupid and meaningless - it totally wasn't!) and I don't want anything else spoiled.

So, if you're reading this while taking a break from HP7 or after having finished it - this is me, sticking my tongue out at you.

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