July 9, 2007

A Little of This and That

I didn't update much toward the end of last week because I left my photo card at work, but now that I have all of the images, I'm happy to post more of what I've been up to. Grab a refreshing beverage, put that baby to breast, or kick your feet up... this is a long one.

I'm still working on the nursery. I rearranged a bit, moved the crib and put together our chair and ottoman, which I *love*. It's the Poang chair and ottoman from Ikea, if you're curious. Isn't it pretty? Completely affordable, moderately modern, and super comfy. And easy to put together! I was really surprised at the quality. I can't wait to nurse in it. In a year or two, I think it will look lovely in our family room.

My childhood rocking chair is also ready and waiting for baby sister, along with the pink rat that Daddy bought her already. Still waiting on the first dollbaby - that's Daddy's to pick out, too. In the next month or so, I'll dig out and wash up Jan Ozzy and Norine Martie, my two most cuddled Cabbage Patch Kids. They'll need to be in her room, too, waiting for slobber and snuggles. I'm also on a hunt for some really nice wooden toys and rattles (from Haba, etc).

I went to a thrift store last week
after my doctor's appointment. First, some adorable receiving blankets $0.69 each. I *love* the green one. After the thrift store, I went into Once Upon A Child. I don't know why I thought I would find anything in there... they wanted $3.50 for their "gently used" baby blankets. Oy! Forget that. While at the thrift store, I also found something to fit my newest obsession: vintage drinkware. These were just sitting on the shelf, Corelle... 4 of them tied together for $1.99, calling my name. They are so darling and they really make me smile. I truly hope to find some more different patterns and start a mini collection. I'd like to do the same with drinking glasses, too.

An unexpected project this weekend involved new lighting in the bathrooms. We've needed new fixtures in all four bathrooms since we moved in, but I had convinced myself that they would be too expensive, too hard to put in, or too... whatever. So I didn't look for them. Yesterday morning my husband said he's heading to Home Depot. It struck me like a ton of bricks - time to buy light fixtures! (How this comes upon a pregnant woman is beyond me, lol.) I picked out two of these sconce types for the master bath (I am working with the wiring we already have - no WAY am I doing anything new right now!), one in this pattern in a double for the utility room bath, and one in this pattern in a triple for the main guest bathroom. And of course, as soon as we had free time last night I waltzed into the master bathroom ready to get started! I flipped the breaker off, took out the old, and installed the new - both of them, all by myself! He was proud, I think. I'm thinking of doing one of the other two tonight, but it depends on what I see when I remove the old fixture. If it's not plain and simple like this pair, I'm not doing it. I can handle black, green/white, and a ground. That's about it.

I also picked these up at a family garage sale this week. I love the pink floral/mint green outfit. Very cute.

So, I think that 's it for this almighty blog entry. More later.

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