July 30, 2007

The Revised TTDBWF List

For my own record-keeping purposes, this is a revised copy of the outstanding items on my Things To Do Before We're Five list
  • Reline cabinets in kitchen, utility room, and all four bathrooms
  • School supply shop for Trevor and Andrew
  • School clothes shop for Trevor and Andrew
  • Andy's birthday
  • Make appt for hair - Oct 9 at 10am (at S with Jame)
  • Make appt for brows and skin - Oct 11 at 10am (at D with Rhonda)
  • Register for soccer
  • Order Andy's backpack from Land's End
  • Lunchbox for Trevor
  • Move our current dresser to baby sister's room
  • Locate, print, and frame photos of all grandparents in our home - we are sorely lacking on this!
  • Organize baby sister's closet, including washing and sorting all clothes
  • Make labels for the baby announcements, squares for the invites
  • Buy pink thank you cards
  • Clean and dress bassinet
  • Assemble stroller and carseat
  • Take hospital tour
  • Bring down fall clothes for boys
  • Pre-register at the hospital
  • Pack hospital bag

Dang. It's still long. Well, at least I have checked off a lot already!

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