July 12, 2007

A Smattering of Things

Had an ultrasound appointment yesterday. Baby sister is looking beautiful; still a girl and gloriously healthy, praise the Lord. She weighs 3 pounds, which is also excellent. She spent most of the ultrasound sucking her thumb and kicking herself in the forehead. We found out that she is not transverse, but is already head down. Hope she stays that way. Hard to believe there is only 10 weeks to go on that "things to do before we're five" list! Oy! I now feel *almost* free to do laundry... it's slowly sinking in that in 10 weeks or so, we will have a baby. The baby will come out. Oy again! LOL.

As is becoming my custom, I went to my favorite thrift shop after my appointment to look for goodies. Sadly, I did not find any cute coffee cups or glassware calling my name. I did find this darling handknit sweater, which I cannot WAIT to put on our baby girl. Isn't is precious? Look at the little flower buttons! $2. Made me seriously happy.

I also decided to tackle the window in the nursery again. After almost 45 minutes, I had the corner rod up... only to discover that I'd placed the middle bracket in the wrong place! So, I took that out, remeasured and drilled the new holes and fought for another 15 minutes to get the wacky screws into the wall to secure the brackets. I tell you what, I love that Smith + Noble had these corner window rods, I really do - but the screws they sent to use are neither flat NOR phillips. It was FUN, let me tell you! So. An hour and some paint and patch ups later, here we are.

Also need to cross this off my to do list (thanks to my hubby):
  • Install new light fixtures in 3 bathrooms (COMPLETE)

Have a nice day!

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