July 19, 2007

Taking It Easy or Wimping Out

So, I've decided to remove a few things from my "Things To Do Before We're Five" list because frankly, I do not have a money tree in my backyard. As much as I want to complete every single one of these tasks prior to baby's arrival, I need to be realistic. Each of these represents money that could and should be more wisely spent as we grow our family. So, if I get around to them, I'll jump for joy. If not, I'm not going to bash myself. I'll just throw them on a Spring to-do list or something.
  • Have ceramic tile professionally cleaned in all four bathrooms
  • Choose and put up wallpaper in main guest bath
  • Twin bedframes for Trevor and Andrew, bedside tables
  • Ceiling fans in family room, boys room, and master bedroom

I still desperate want to repaint the halls and should be able to do that for less than $100, so I'm keeping it on the list for now.

So, I'm taking it easy on myself, not wimping out.

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