July 9, 2007

Things To Do Before We're Five

I have a list that I carry around in my head of things that I have to get done before baby sister arrives. It's a doozy. I've never written it down, but it occured to me over the weekend that my blog might be just the spot to store this list. One that would hold me most accountable. So, here we are - my list of things to do before we're a family of five (most all of this involves decorating or nesting in some way).

  • Repaint first floor back hallway
  • Repaint dining room
  • Reline cabinets in kitchen, utility room, and all four bathrooms
  • Install new light fixtures in 3 bathrooms
  • Make photo appointment at JCPenney for October (Oct 13 at 10am)
  • School supply shop for Trevor and Andrew (90%)
  • Order Andy's backpack and Trevor's lunchbox from Land's End
  • New bedroom set for master bedroom, move our current dresser to baby sister's room
  • Finish cataloging all family photos and get into American Crafts albums
  • Locate, print, and frame photos of all grandparents in our home - we are sorely lacking on this!
  • Organize baby sister's closet, including washing and sorting all clothes
  • Grass seed the backyard (which is now almost completely dirt)
  • Design baby announcements and matching brunch invites
  • Make labels for the announcements, squares for the invites
  • Buy pink thank you cards (got white instead)
  • Bring bassinet down from attic, clean, and dress
  • Plan welcome party for after baby arrives (in lieu of a shower)
  • Assemble stroller and carseat
  • Sign up for all-day birthing class (yes, we're crazy) and siblings class (Aug 24/25 - us, Sept 8 - boys)
  • Take hospital tour
  • Meet with doula!!!
  • Trade in Focus for a family-of-5 friendly vehicle
  • Speak to boss about new work schedule after baby sister arrives
  • Bring down fall clothes for boys
  • Get sheers up in master bedroom
  • New shades (2) for family room lamps
  • Pre-register for short term disability
  • Pre-register at the hospital
  • Pack hospital bags
There might be more I'm forgetting right now. If so, I'll add them later. I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't finish all of this, but I really would love to get all of this done and out of the way. So much so, I'm ready to go buy paint. :)

GREEN indicates DONE!

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