July 25, 2007

To Do List Update

I keep remembering things I have to get done, thereby increasing the "Things To Do Before We're Five" list... but so is life.

Proud to say I can cross off the following items:
  • Make photo appointment at JCPenney for October (we're down for October 13 at 10am)
  • Finish cataloging all family photos and get into American Crafts albums (what a project - OY!)
  • Grass seed the backyard (thank you, Honey)
  • Design baby announcements (can't wait to show them off; they're hybrid, too)
  • Plan welcome party for after baby arrives (in lieu of a shower)
  • Sign up for all-day birthing class (yes, we're crazy) and siblings class (Aug 24&25 for us, Sept 8 for the boys)

Whew! Hoping to get even more done this weekend.

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