July 7, 2007

Very Wordy Update

So, I switched my blog title. Lulu told me I would, or that she did at least two different times. Plain and Simple feels good to me, it feels just like me, actually. So, we're going to go with that.

I've been up to quite a bit of busy, but as my camera card remained in my purse until just this morning, I haven't posted. And, I don't know about you, but I don't like to visit a blog without pictures. It's not as fun. Might as well have a fun blog, I think. So, a picture update is coming.

Andy-Roo's foot has been on the mend, it's only fitting that Trevor be injured. Or that's what they think anyway. Trevor is nursing a heck of a blister on the bottom of one heel and a gouge out of the other foot. Will it ever end? I suppose the benefit of all of this 'nursing' on my part is that when the boys grow up, they will remember that I, their fanstastic super mother, nursed them back to health with hugs and kisses and bandaids aplenty. I can hope, right?

I've been able to sneak in a little digital scrapping each day this week. More page re-do's. This time I'm adding some 8.5x11 pages into the mix, so it should be fun to embellish and paint and create again soon. The 8.5x11's will have to be printed by ScrapbookPictures.com, as my printer won't print to the edges. Boo. Oh well. I'll save up a dozen pages or so and then send them for printing. I can do the 8x8's in the meantime. I also started planning some NEW pages. I've had some ideas rolling around in my head for a while and it's time to try to harness some of them. Several of the pages I want to plan revolve around my mom. She's not getting any younger, and I really want to capture more of her for me, when she's gone - and for the boys, who have SUCH a close relationship with her. I have the time now and I need to seize it! Here are some of my ideas for pages about Nana:

  • Ask mom to fill out the Bernard Pivot survey - you've heard of this, you just probably don't recognize it by name... lots of famous people are interviewed with this simple survey. Elsie Flannigan references it on her blog here http://http://elsieflannigan.blogspot.com/2007/06/10-bernard-pivot-questions.html . Questions like 'what's your favorite word?' and 'what sound or noise do you love?' I am excited to have her answer these (plan to just give her the questions and let her do it on her time so she is really honest) because I don't know all of the answers for her! I will learn something new about my mom. Very cool.
  • Ask mom to write a couple short paragraphs about the day she met my dad. I'll likely ask her to write this out on some acid free paper so that I can use them right in the scrapbook and capture her handwriting.
  • Her favorite memory of me as a child.
  • What her proudest accomplishment is (and she's not allowed to say me, lol).
  • Pieces of advice that she wants to pass on to her grandchildren and future great-grandchildren.
  • Her favorite bible verse and why it's important to her.

I also have some ideas not relating to my mom:

  • I'd like to do a page relating to all the inspiration I find online these days... I mean seriously, lots of my time is spent searching and reading blogs, being inspired by the beauty of Etsy. I should really capture more about myself.

I'm also mulling around ideas on more creative outlets. I feel like I have this big burst of energy inside of me and I just need to keep going - need to keep creating and living new things before I poop out. Now that I am officially in the third trimester, it could happen any day. Anyhow, I'd like to sew some things and I'm playing with a few ideas right now, so stay tuned for that.

I feel the need to cook, to prepare my freezer for baby sister's arrival - in other words, prepare for me not to have to cook every night once she gets here. I've made 2 lasagnas to freeze, 2 bags of spaghetti sauce (family size), and I have plans for sloppy joes (enough for 2 or 3 separate days), pancakes, and chicken pot pie. I'm still looking for more recipes, though. Know of any that freeze well? All of this creativity I have is bubbling over into the kitchen. My husband has even noticed. I like watching Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen (okay, well not so much that one for the recipes, but for the entertainment!), some Rachael Ray and other shows, too. I like things that are realistic and easy.

Well, this is enough for now. I'll be back with pictures in a bit.

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