August 28, 2007

Andy's Birthday

I think I am in denial that my youngest son is already 5. It's such a torture to watch them grow, isn't it? A joy at the same time, sure - but every time I think about it completely I feel so humbled that we only have them for a short time. *Sigh*

First, the cake that took me almost 3 hours to make, cool, frost, and decorate:

Too bad Superman didn't want to stand up. For even 3 seconds. Oh well.
Some pics of the birthday boy:

While we didn't get to have a big party with family, we still made it count. Cake, candles, singing, presents. Andy had a good birthday. And I am SO sad - I mean proud - he's on his way to (gulp) SIX.

I'm going to go cry now.

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