August 17, 2007


The title is lame. I can't help it. I'm exhausted. It's only 5pm and I'm ready for bed.

Today is the first day of my vacation. I took today through next Wednesday off for really no good reason, but it will be nice to spend these last few days of summer with the boys before they start school on Wednesday - especially our little kindergartener. Who will be 5 tomorrow. Did I mention that yet?

The good thing about today was that I did make tremendous strides in completing the remainder of my baby needs list... got the pump, some bottles, a few lap pads (the old fashioned flannel kind are at Target!), some adorable binkies and clips, the pump bag, and some Burt's Bee's Buttermilk Baby Lotion. I'm going to order the bassinet liner online from BRU on Monday. The boys' tennisshoes came in the mail today. My house is (relatively) clean.

Still to do today (seriously, I make my own problems, I know) is ordering pizza for dinner (you bet your ass I'm not cooking after traipsing all over freaking town today), making Andy's birthday cake and cupcakes (I'm worried I won't have enough), and making the banana bread for the after-baby brunch. I figured I might as well whip them up if I'm going to have the oven on anyway. And tomorrow is going to be CRAZY (Post picnic, Andy's birthday). I think Sunday is booked, too. Oh, and tonight is High School Musical 2... so they want to stay up. I guess I'll sneak off and wrap presents while they're watching.

So. I thought I'd check in. There you have it.

I do love my life and I am grateful that God gave me to boys to drive me crazy. One day when I'm 80, I'll wish I could put them in their carseats and listen to their chatter. I really will miss that.

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