August 31, 2007

Holy Cow

I realize I might continue to show surprise at each and every doctors visit as I continue to be pregnant right up to my due date, but I am honestly shocked at my level of progress at just 36 weeks.

Let's remember that last week, I was
1-2 cms dilated - 30% effaced - baby at -2 station

At my appointment today my doctor noted that I am
3 cms dilated - 70% effaced - baby at -1 station

I don't even think I've had that many Braxton Hicks this past week come to think of it. I dilated another and 70% effaced? HOLY COW! And baby has moved down some, too, which explains my new level of pubic discomfort.

Guess it's a good thing the bassinet liner came in the mail yesterday and that I finished packing my hospital bag last night. Sometime today I need to make it to Target to pick up Tylenol (my headaches are back) and Evening Primrose Oil capsules.


  1. Hi, you don't know me but I happened upon your blog the other night and enjoyed it so much that I added you to my "to watch" list. I hope you don't mind or think it's too creepy?!? Anyway, I'm an at home mom addicted to blogging and everyone else's for that matter. I'm very excited for you and your baby girl! I just had a little girl in April. You can check out my blog and see I'm not totally insane. Thanks for entertaining me!

  2. We are in Columbus, Georgia not Ohio ;) Thanks for responding though, I thought you would think I was a stalker or something - nope, just bored (actually I guess that's what stalkers are in the begining?!?). I look forward to your future blogs and pictures of your baby soon!! My sister in law is prego with a girl as well, so we are ALL pink these days.