August 6, 2007

Monday Morning

Happy Monday, Everyone. We had quite a busy weekend. Aren't they all? Seriously... (I digress).

I scrapped a little on Friday evening, but my mojo wasn't shakin' so I stopped. Here are a couple of pages - a redo (Mud) and yes, folks - a BRAND NEW page!

Saturday was the VFW National Home for Children's Ohio Day. Big day of fun in support of an excellent cause. We went last year and were excited to go again this year. Up early, McDonald's in the car, and we were off by 8. Can you believe it? The boys enjoyed tons of games and prizes, the bounce house, a petting zoo, and a train ride. They came home exhausted (so did we!) but that's what summer is all about.

Yesterday we spent the morning with Nana, who just got back from New Mexico - and the afternoon at a cookout. Lots of screaming cousins having a ball - lots of fun. And how could I forget... my husband moved the dressers around for me last night when we got home! YAY! More to check off the TTDBWF list!

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