August 16, 2007

Now I'm Waddling

Not too tremendously, but... I am. I try to reign in the waddle at work because I feel like a bit of an idiot waddling here and there (mostly to the bathroom to pee), but I waddled myself into a door frame last night at home. Fun.

Baby sister likes to camp. Well, I assume she does because she likes to pitch a tent inside of my uterus. Made of what - legs, arms, her butt, feet - I don't know, but it is damn painful when she does it. And she's been camping every morning around 6am. I think she spins on her head around to where her back is parallel with my back and she's facing my belly button... then she starts kicking and poking and raking her little elbows and knees and heels or what the hell ever back and forth, and back and forth and sometimes (I flinch at the memory of it) she puts them all together to a point in the middle where, you guessed it, she tries to fit them all through my bellybutton. OUCH!!! I feel bad pushing back on her or moving her limbs around, but my goodness I have no choice! It's almost violent, this camping!!!

Did I already mention that I've just pre-registered at the hospital? Did. I felt it was a bit early, but my nurse felt the timing was just right. Okay, then. It's been a while since I've done this and delivery still seems so far away for us. Then, Babycenter sent me a reminder today to start packing my hospital bag. WHAT?!?!?! I was unprepared for that reminder. I am prepared to pack the bag (you bet your ass I have a list ready to go, lol!) but I was not prepared to be told I should be doing it already. I mean, I'm only 34 weeks (on Sat.). Really... is it time to start getting anxious already? Wow.

Okay, so less about pregnant me. Here are some things I did last night:

  • Found pink envelopes to fit 4x6 photos at Michael's for $5/20 (and did a small dance in the aisle) - they are made by Simply Paper by the way - size A6
  • Finished sorting school supplies (after an emergency trip to KMart after I realized I'd left my bag of .50 scissors and .99 pencils there a week ago)

  • Switched out the ribbon on baby sister's lamp to red... MUCH better
  • Washed the bassinet (story: This bassinet belonged to my husband's grandmother. Presumably, she used it for all 7 of her children, including grandpa. It is worn and well loved and we have used it for both of our boys as well with Grandma's blessing. I thought once of trading it in for a newer pack-n-play bassinet model this time around, but another look at the soft rattan and darling wooden wheels made me reconsider. Baby sister will love this.) Thank heavens for the Magic Eraser (Target generic brand works perfectly the same I just found out).

  • Held and rocked this little boy as he told me his tummy hurt - and I sat wondering if it was just pretend (shame on me, you'll see), his antibiotics for strep, new Mucinex that the doctor wanted us to try, a bad lunch or dinner, or something new - but he didn't have a fever or any other symptoms ... and then... he threw up on me. After cleaning up the bathroom floor, sink, wall, and myself, and a call to the doctor to determine it's probably a new virus that snuck in while his resistance was down (strep twice in a month will do that to a kid), he went to bed. He did get sick once more around 11... then it was quiet until morning. He woke with a smile and told me he was hungry so I sent him to daycare for his very last day there. He took in M&M cookies to celebrate - I really wanted him to have a big ending at daycare.

So today I'm working on printing out the envelopes for the baby announcements. Tomorrow starts my vacation and I am baking Andy's birthday cake. I am VERY excited about this for several reasons I won't discuss here, but suffice it to say, I am. I also need to hide either tonight or tomorrow to wrap you-know-who up there's birthday presents. He is FIVE, People. WOW.

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