August 3, 2007

A Pregnant Post

Seems like all I ever do is scrapbook and paint the house, doesn't it? That's totally NOT all I do. I am also very busy being the house for a very fine and very fiesty (with big feet, I can tell you) little girl for another 8 weeks or so.

I keep ignoring my pregnancy journal by accident, so I'm going to put some stuff on the blog instead. I'm feeling very well, considering this journey has been entirely different than my two previous full-term pregnancies. I had morning sickness until about 13 weeks this time around, for example. My ta-tas are about 200% larger than they have ever been during or even post pregnancy - which I do *not* like, in case you were curious. Also, this time my public bone has begun to separate. And yes, that is quite uncomfortable. I can handle it; I only pray that it doesn't negatively affect our labor and delivery at all. I've had sciatic pain (though not at present - knock on wood) and heartburn. The baby does not like red onions or Mexican food. At all. I wonder if that will carry over to nursing time...

Most days I quite enjoy feeling her little pokes and jabs. Several times a day she sticks her feet and elbows so far out it's a wonder they don't poke through my belly. She especially likes to rake her elbow over the inside of my (now flat) bellybutton. OUCH. Lots of hiccups. I feel very connected with her - her activity level is like mine; she'll go and go and go and go (for days) without stopping it seems - and then she is quiet for about 12 hours with just little movements during that time. Once she's rested, it's time to go, go, go, go again. Sound like anyone I know? :)

She is also Daddy's girl already. I swear she recognizes his particular hand whenever he puts it on my belly. And she shows off for him. I can see where this is going - I'm going to have no control of her whatsoever if Daddy is around. Oh well, I can guarantee that they will be precious to watch together. I can't wait. I also hope this translates into his big time love of getting up to care for her in the night, or being extra willing to do some holding after she comes. I'm betting so.

So, 8 weeks left... or less. I can feel the hand of God moving us - our entire family. I can feel the blessings of our faith in Him for allowing us this child to raise up, for a healthy baby and delivery for both sister and I, and in the logistics of our lives right now. I am grateful and blessed.

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