August 23, 2007


Had a doctor's visit this morning. I love morning visits - remind me to NEVER again schedule an afternoon visit. Seriously. Anyhow. I'm 1-2 cm dilated, 30% effaced, soft, and baby is at -2 station (totally expected for subsequent babies). In all, I'm much farther along than what I thought I would be with 5 weeks left to go. I was expecting a dimple and 10-15%. Needless to say, it has shocked me into working a little more on the List (which has been ignored since the vomiting began) for sure. I totally know that today's news means nothing and that I could and will walk around for weeks dilated. I'm okay with that. Except, it DOES mean something. It means that when I do finally go into labor, I won't be starting at the beginning. I won't need to dilate 10 cms. I'll only need to dilate 8. Doesn't take a genius to realize that it will take less time to dilate 8, as opposed to 10. See what I mean? Yeah... yikes.

37 days to go to my official EDD.

More to come later on the first day of school - and yes, Andy's birthday cake photo, too.

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