August 30, 2007

Still Pregnant and Plugging Along

How is it that perfect strangers seem to know exactly when to start nagging you about having your baby? In the past week at work I've had people I barely know say things like, "I hope you're due soon - you're about to explode!" and "don't stand next to her, she might leak something onto your shoes!" and "you are REALLY, REALLY I mean, REALLY". Ya think? I still have four weeks left, People. Keep the harrassment to a minimum please!

I'm feeling quite tired lately - certainly not feeling any last burst of energy just yet. I wonder when and if that will happen. There are plenty of things I want to clean at home - I just haven't found the energy enough to care lately. Maybe I can pay Trevor to clean windowsills and baseboards for me this weekend. He likes to do that (when he feels like doing it anyway). Sigh. Maybe.

There really isn't a lot left to do. This weekend we're meeting with our doula again. Then, sometime in the next 2 weeks we need to do a hospital tour. It's not the end of the world if we don't do it, but I'd like to take some more of that uninterrupted time for baby sister if I can get it.

The list now stands thus:

  • Buy soccer shorts and jerseys
  • Schedule & take hospital tour
  • Buy a few more nursing tops
  • Finalize doula arrangement - meeting her on Sept 1 at 10am
  • Make a pumpkin bread for the baby brunch

I almost forgot that last one. I made the banana bread last night for the baby brunch. We cut into one for us and I put the other in the freezer. So, 3 strata and 1 banana bread finished for the brunch. Once I do the pumpkin bread, I'm done. I'll dispatch others to pick up the fresh fruit and croissants for the party later, and my mom is going to help me make the cupcakes the day before - so we're good.

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