August 2, 2007

This Photo Makes Me Insanely Happy

And very, very proud of myself. You see, about a year ago, I found a picture like this on someone else's blog. Someone famous in the scrapbooking world - and I really was touched by the picture then. It had dimension, color, made me want to touch it. It made me think about how a stack of my scrapbook pages would look if I piled them up and took a picture.... one word - FLAT. No dimension (not from the side view anyway). I wondered if mine were a bit too boring for me? That was the exact moment I started wanting to two-time digital scrapbooking. I started thinking of ways to cheat on it, ways to get my fingers sticky with Making Memories paint. Soon, I started to play - and then hybrid - and well, here we are.

So, we all should be proud of our stacks, no matter what they look like or how big or small they are, because we have all created them from the goodness and creativity in our hearts. For me, this picture makes me insanely happy.

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  1. Ok! You totally rock. I posted 10 Reasons Digital Scrappers Must Try Hybrid on my blog and this fits in perfectly! You can see my post at