August 7, 2007


I didn't scrap last night, but we were productive. I decided that the boys would help me clean their room (it had been ignored by them for several weeks, despite my constant nagging - I mean, polite requests, to the contrary) - it was far past the state of them being able to do a mommy-approved job by themselves. So, as soon as we got home we all headed upstairs. I dispatched job after job and they really didn't complain much. I kept hearing, "Oh, look what I found!" and "I forgot we had HIM!" I tried to explain that losing favorites is what happens when you let all the toys pile up and get out of place. While they sorted toys (into plastic Sterilite boxes, if you're curious - 3 categories: animal, vehicle, or person (this includes Batman, Shrek, and basically any "guy" that you can do a battle with) with lids), I started sorting their clothes to load up their new dresser.

I really should have taken pictures of the dresser once it was fully stocked - because I'm afraid it won't stay that way. I'm going to start giving them the entire folded laundry basket to put away. They've been putting away their hanging shirts and pants for quite a while, but now, we can add underclothes, pajamas, shorts, and sweats to that list. I am in LOVE with this dresser in their room - and their closet looks BEAUTIMUS!!!

I did a couple of loads of laundry last night, including some of the baby's blankets. These particular blankets are my favorite - some have been around for years. The afghan I had as a baby, the quilt I made when pregnant with Trevor, and the quilt I made just a few months ago after finding out a baby sister was on her way. That was the first step in washing the baby clothes... despite the ju ju. It might be another week or two before I get up the gumption to actually open the plastic on a package, though.

Let's see... what else did I do... oh, I assessed the boys' fall clothes, so I know what I need to pick up from The Children's Place and Land's End (LOVE their sturdy boys clothes). I also pulled out their winter coats to take downstairs and wash, only to discover that I (I am a genius, you know) washed them BEFORE I PACKED THEM AWAY. Seriously - how smart was that? LOL. Of course that's what you're supposed to do, but my brain isn't always all there, I must admit. So that was a bonus score on my list.

I'm going to work on a few more things in the nursery this week, get them checked off of my list. Also plan to head to Babies R Us and Children's Place with Nana this Thursday to pick up some baby clothes (they have Fall outfits out now, yummy!), some back to school clothes for the boys, and a few birthday presents for Andy (only 11 days until my "baby" is 5!).

Happy Tuesday!

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