September 26, 2007

She's Dragging Her Feet

Oh how I wish I could come on and announce our girl's arrival. But alas, she appears to be as stubborn as her big brother Andy. Oh my.

I've had LOTS of false alarms. Good thing part of my plan is to stay home until I'm sure I'm in labor. Which in my case has meant more than one bout of timeable (5 min) contractions lasting more than TWELVE HOURS - nope, not kidding - which then peter out and go away. It stinks to think that I could have gone in to the hospital now a few times and they would have kept me - at 4 cms already, oh yes - and already had a baby. But with what intervention to help me along? I console myself realizing that she just must not be quite ready yet. My pelvis and the muscles in my stomach beg to differ, however. This is quite a bit like carrying an octopus in a plastic bag... and man, does it ever hurt to roll over.

So, that's not much of an update, but it's all I have for now. I have another doctor's appointment Thursday, at which time they want to discuss induction. I am NOT a fan of pitocin, so I'd really love to pray her here before then.

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