October 12, 2007

Checking In

Mabel is an unbelievable 16 days old today. It saddens me so much to watch time pass so quickly - and there is NOTHING more testimonial to that than watching an infant grow. It happens so fast. One day, they're all puffy and pink and sticky - two weeks later they're trying to hold their head up and talk to you. It's amazing and wonderful and sad all at the same time. I'll never have the 5 day old Mabel back again. :(

She is a wonderful baby. So snuggly - loves to lay on my chest and sleep at night... which isn't the most comfortable for me, but she'll only fit there for another couple of weeks so if she wants to snuggle, I'll snuggle. She only cries if she's working on a p00 or if she's hungry - and those cries are so quiet it's hard to believe she's really upset at all. She LOVES the attention from her brothers and especially Daddy. Oh my, her Daddy. I think they both have each other wrapped already.

I'm feeling almost back to my old self again. Time to start actively trying to lose the 20 lbs that are still packed onto me. Perhaps I will start next week by digital scrapbooking excercises. :)

Weeks ago I had high hopes for not only spending quality time with my new baby, but also using this time away from work to complete all sorts of projects - a quilt maybe, even some Christmas shopping. But you know what? There's too damn much to do already... I'm not signing up for any more! Not yet. Between the trips to the grocery, the post office, Target and Walmart, doctor's appointments, and picking up the boys every day from school - I am wiped out already. So, I have high hopes for some digital scrapbooking next week (because I am doing nothing but resting for the remainder of this week) but I can't promise anything.

Oh - and we've also cancelled the baby brunch. Priorities seem so much clearer to me now... I am less concerned with throwing a big party for family to meet Mabel - and more concerned with staring at her all day long in efforts to memorize her every facial expression at 16 days old. Time goes by too fast, People. It really does.

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