October 18, 2007

Coming Up For Air Part 2

Let's try this again.

Here is our little popkin (no idea what this word means, but it's British and adorable and I love it, so I'm using it!) in an adorable outfit one chilly morning... don't you love the topknot?

And yes, for you concerned people, I DO put shoes on my children when I take them outside. But when they're this tiny and their feet are this yummy, I remove those shoes as often as possible for munching.
I managed to take this one of the two of us with the timer. I can't say it's perfect, but I do like it a lot.

Today, I gave Mabel a bath. Then I dressed her in what my mother calls a completely mismatched outfit. She's afraid I have Punky Brewster syndrome. Truth is, I mismatched on purpose. I think the bright flowers on the shirt perfectly mismatch the little (same colored) flowers on the pants. And the striped hat? Well, my daughter looks darling in hats. I couldn't resist. Oh, and it was chilly today. Yeah... I'll stick to that... it was chilly. Look how yummy she looks. I could eat her up.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE THE FEET!!! Love the outfit too. It screams "I am Mabel Cox...daughter of Rachel."