October 31, 2007

Here, Just ... Here

We're all here. We're okay, but I haven't been able to blog in a while. That same roadblock the Lord saw in our path before has been placed before us once again... and we are battling it. Harder this time. And it stinks. We are all okay, but one of our loved ones isn't well. I owe it to this person to keep this vague on such a public place as the internet, but anyone who is willing with good and kindness in their heart, please pray for us. Pray hard for the Lord to reach him and heal him quickly.

We are handling this all as best we can, doing the schlepping, the logistics of daily life while at the same time trying to deal with caring for this loved one and more. But it is hard. Harder than I can explain here. I am lucky that I have such a strong family and wonderful friends to rely on to help lift me up.

I hope to post Halloweenie pictures later this week.

PS - In baby news, Mabel's umbie FINALLY fell off a few days ago - it held on for almost 4 weeks. I can't believe my baby girl is already over a month old. It's so sad how fast time flies. Hug your babies and your spouse, people. Do it now. It's worth it.

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  1. Are yall doing okay? I'm still looking forward to Halloween pictures!!