November 30, 2007

Halloween, As Promised

I hate to even post something on Halloween for a couple of reasons. Our big family boat "tip" started the day before, so the kids celebrated Halloween differently this year. The boys enjoyed going Trick or Treating with their cousins in a different neighborhood (though they whined they wouldn't get to see their school friends). Mabel stayed at an Aunt's and I went up to the hospital for visiting hours.

Even the pumpkins that we painted never made it outside. They sat on the kitchen countertop for two weeks before I noticed they were still there. Poor things. I had to take a picture to proove to the kids that we did in fact try to celebrate Halloween this year. Andy said the pumpkins looked like a vampire, a princess, and George Washington, lol.

Here they are - the vampire, the princess, and George Washington (right to left):

And here are Darth Vader (can you see Andy's eyes in there, lol?) and the ninja (I personally dislike ninja costumes or anything violent, but he begged and begged).

That's it folks. Yes, really. I took 3 pictures of the boys before they left and they are all 3 exactly the same. Mabel wore an adorable Halloween print playsuit with pumpkin hat, but I didn't even get a picture of it. I have no idea how I'm going to scrap Halloween this year. :(

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