November 30, 2007

I Want To Eat Her

My daughter, that is. Still weird to say that. Anyhoo... on with the picture show (Mabel at 2 mos).

"You know, Nana... you're kind of funny.

No, I mean you're FUNNY.

Wow, that was HILARIOUS (Whoa! Catch me!)

(that's the pink hat my mommy made me - it looks goofy but it's totally snuggly)

Hey... what's on my shirt?


Wait... that was FUNNY (and so are my chins)!

Aren't I beautimus in my darling outfit? Yes, my mommy keeps me in a hat. She says I look scrumptious when I wear one. Eat me up!

Now here I am on a different day and my mommy is trying to make me smile at her. I'm too busy looking at ....wait....whoa... there go my eyes again!

Yep, I'm cute. Wearing a hat again.

Okay. No hat.

Here's one my mommy took of me and Nana last night for the sole purpose of exploiting my superfatness. Yes, I am only 9 weeks old and I already weigh 12 lbs. I am aware. I may be pear-shaped. I am okay with that. She keeps calling me her little hippopotamus. I think it's a compliment.

And finally, here I am with my big brothers. Isn't funny how they don't look alike at all but I look like both of them? Wacko, I tell ya.

Thanks for looking!"


  1. She is Beautimus!!! Love love love her!

  2. She is scrumptious! I'm so happy to see more pictures of her! (and the boys)