November 26, 2007

It Feels Brand New

Today is a brand new day. Part of a brand new week, which I think is part of a brand new life.

Today I went back to work following my maternity leave, and following the schlew (is that how you spell that?) of tips our family boat has taken in the past 3 months.

Today I dropped off my boys at their new school and left my little girl with my mother. There are changes all around me.

Today I found out that my job might be going away sometime between now and mid-January. Well, I guess that was enough of a kick in the ass to help me find a new one... fast.

Today I have to call my attorney and ask some really tough questions.

So, it's all brand new.

Also, as I am now back to work, I should be able to upload photos sooooooooon. You poor blog readers. I'm so sorry! My life has been turned upside down and while I am pleased to tell you I finally DID get out my camera to capture pics of my sweet baby, it has been far too catastrophic to even think of uploading until now. I will try to do so more often. Halloween pictures await!

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