November 28, 2007

This Is Making Me HAPPY

So, back to work means back to being able to read my favorite blogs (my new place only has dial up internet access). I found this today on Cathy Zielske's blog and I cannot WAIT to do it.

It's a gratitude journal or book of thanks. According to Cathy, the idea came from Emily Falconbridge. Some investigation led me to Emily's blog and her gorgeous photo of her journal (which she is writing in daily as opposed to weekly). Aren't they both beautiful? I want some green jump rings...

The thought is you grab up 52 sheets of scrap paper from notepads, scrapping, notebook pages, etc and then trim them as you see fit. Then you 3 hole punch them into a book (jump rings, I'm thinking). It is optional whether or not you number the pages (I will, I think - even if it's handwritten). Then at the end of each week, you write down what you're grateful for that week, what made you happy, what inspired you, or journal a bit. You add stickers or pictures if you want, staple them in or whatever.

I LOVE this. I love it because I feel like I NEED this so much. I need a constant reminder during all of this mess of all that I am thankful for, each and every week. I love that I can combine a journal with a scrapbook, with something to keep track of the cute little things the boys and Mabel do... and I will be forced to keep it out on a shelf so that I can write in it. So, that's something pretty to look at.

Wanna do it with me?

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