December 5, 2007

Another Get To Know Me

This time from Simple Scrapbooks.

One thing I’d grab if my house were on fire: Aside from my children and my file box of essentials - my camera (Canon Rebel XTi)
One thing I wish I could throw away: Clothes that don't fit me
One thing I’ll never, ever throw away: The letters my husband wrote to me while overseas with the Navy
Something I’ve kept since childhood: My love of all things crafty
A food item I never run out of: Ketchup - I have to buy it by the gallon for the kids, it seems
A household brand I’m very loyal to: Jif
Something I sleep with every night: My prayers
One thing that’s on my wish list: A better paying job
Something I take with me wherever I go: My purse
Something that makes me smile when I see it: Mabel's grin
Something my children fight over: ANYTHING
Something I hate to clean: Windows. I don't do them. Period.
Something I show off when people visit: My pictures
Something I hide when people visit: Laundry
Something I collect: Craft works-in-progress, vintage Corelle cups
Something I avoid at all costs: Washing windows
Something that reminds me of my mother: Angels - she loves them
The best gift I’ve ever received: My husband got me my camera for my birthday/Christmas last year (though it was like pulling teeth to convince him how much I wanted it) - but the better gift (though I use it less) came a month later after I discovered I was pregnant with Mabel - a matching zoom lens for the camera - his "thank you for having my baby" gift to me.

I tag Lulu again!

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