December 11, 2007

More Mabel

I did some scrapping (finally!) over the weekend. I worked on a page for Halloween this year - it was a very tough page to make. I knew it would be. Anyhow, the layout I wanted to use needed two pictures, so I decided to put Mabel into her Halloween outfit one last time. That way, she can be included on the page - even if the picture was taken over a month late, even if she barely fits into the outfit anymore, and even if Halloween didn't work out as we had planned this year.

Here's our little spook looking yummilicious.

And, one of her hanging out in the Pack-n-Play.

1 comment:

  1. Rachel!
    Did you have a whole baby since I last saw you?! She's DARLING!! And I love her name.
    Nice to see your name pop up on my blog.
    Keep in touch!