December 16, 2007

Oh My...

I'm in trouble. I've been fantasizing recently about (whispers...) paper scrapping. Yes, the old fashioned way. Not sure why - perhaps it's because all of my hybrid scrap supplies (read: alphas and embellishments) are in storage ALL the way back in the corner and I can't get to them - or maybe it's because I need something tactile and therapeutic right now. Either way, I've bitten off a lot to chew over the next few months.

I placed an order at for about 100 prints.

I placed WAY too many orders online with 2Peas,,, and A Cherry On Top to build up my stash again.

Even went so far as to buy and assemble (while on the phone with Lulu - I'm quite talented you know) 4 storage cabinets for my new haul.

Except... I'm feeling intimidated. Just a bit. And broke. Definitely feeling broke.

Here's some of the goodies I'll be knee deep in when the postman finally finds our house under the 6" of snow we got yesterday.

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