July 31, 2007

I'm Very Happy With These

Trevor funny: his pronounciation of the word "supposed", as in "supposed to".... he says "as-aposed to". Hee Hee.

So, last night my man was working late and I felt the creative bug a little bit. So, after dinner and reading Curious George Learns the Alphabet to the boys, I got out the supplies. I had hidden them in the front closet while I worked on the dining room. Not wanting to ruin my pretty new room, I set them up in the kitchen last night. It was a tight squeeze, but I made it work. I'm really not sure what to do about supplies.... *sigh*. Losing my office to little sister is totally worth it and I really thought I would be okay with dragging my supplies (basically 2 big drawers full) out each time I wanted to scrap. And, I probably will be - but I am not used to doing it. It's a PAIN! I'd really love to find an old buffet cabinet or armoire at a tag sale/thrift shop for like $30 that I could put into the dining room to hold my scrap supplies. It would need to be lockable, of course. I'll have to think some more on that... but the hauling back and forth thing is going to get old quickly!

So, here are my favorite pages from last night. I'm very happy with the way these turned out.

July 30, 2007

The Revised TTDBWF List

For my own record-keeping purposes, this is a revised copy of the outstanding items on my Things To Do Before We're Five list
  • Reline cabinets in kitchen, utility room, and all four bathrooms
  • School supply shop for Trevor and Andrew
  • School clothes shop for Trevor and Andrew
  • Andy's birthday
  • Make appt for hair - Oct 9 at 10am (at S with Jame)
  • Make appt for brows and skin - Oct 11 at 10am (at D with Rhonda)
  • Register for soccer
  • Order Andy's backpack from Land's End
  • Lunchbox for Trevor
  • Move our current dresser to baby sister's room
  • Locate, print, and frame photos of all grandparents in our home - we are sorely lacking on this!
  • Organize baby sister's closet, including washing and sorting all clothes
  • Make labels for the baby announcements, squares for the invites
  • Buy pink thank you cards
  • Clean and dress bassinet
  • Assemble stroller and carseat
  • Take hospital tour
  • Bring down fall clothes for boys
  • Pre-register at the hospital
  • Pack hospital bag

Dang. It's still long. Well, at least I have checked off a lot already!

A Busy Weekend

I hope you had a nice weekend. We did; well, it was productive anyway.

Daddy told us he'd be out of town on business Friday through Sunday. I made a list (this pregnancy is REALLY kicking in my love for lists... yes, I am a nerd) of what I wanted to accomplish, and I am proud to say I got even more done than I had wanted. I am thrilled. So, my weekend accomplishment list stands thus:

  • Hang smoke detector with new battery
  • Wash, fold, and put away 3 loads of laundry
  • Vacuum the entire downstairs and the stairs
  • Empty garbage throughout the house
  • Clean 2 main bathrooms
  • Comet scrub the kitchen sink and countertops
  • REPAINT the back hall (2 coats)
  • REPAINT the dining room (primer plus 2 coats)
  • Embroider an "M"
  • Pull *some* weeds in back rose garden
  • Bring white lamp downstairs for baby sister's room
  • Bring bassinet down from attic
  • Hang sheers in master bedroom

The boys had a big movie watching weekend. I hate those, but they love them. When Saturday evening rolled around, I had 4 hours to wait while the first coat was drying in the dining room, so I took the boys to McDonald's for sundaes. It wasn't much, but it was something.

My husband got home yesterday afternoon and after dinner, suprised me by knocking out the installation of the new hose sprayer in the kitchen sink. That sucker had been broken for about 6 months and it was on his Honey, Do list for sure. But I didn't expect it this weekend. A GREAT surprise. I love it. And yes, it was on a *different* list, which I will now check off.

Also, I discovered that I GREATLY DISLIKE scrapbook pages in 8.5x11 format, when designed by me. *PUKE* I'm sending my new Modern American Crafts albums back and reordering 8x8 size. What the CRAP was I thinking??? Of course this means I have to reformat 28 pages back into 8x8, but it wouldn't be my life if I wasn't re-doing something.

Here's the new dining room

And, there is this, which I free-stitched for a special surprise project

July 27, 2007

You Know You've Had Too Much Harry When

Funny story.

The other day I was digitally scrapping a NEW (not a rescrap, people, a totally NEW page!!!) page about my boys playing in the muddy sand. I had the darling photos there and was just finishing my title and something didn't look right. It took me several minutes to figure out what was wrong.

Instead of my planned title "mudbugs", I had written out "MUDBLOODS."


July 26, 2007

Another To Do List

Really, this one is for my own benefit, so that after the baby is born, I can remember what it is I need to do. So, ignore if you don't care. :)

  • Call to verify short term disability
  • Choose return to work date
  • Call backup at work so that she starts backing me up :)
  • Leave voicemail to two bosses
  • Call daycare and choose start date (same as my work date), if necessary
  • Finish announcements and invitations and send to scrapboookpictures.com for printing - WITH 4x6 ENVELOPES
  • Send thank you cards as necessary
  • Have pictures printed quickly to be ready for grandparent gifts at the brunch

A Few Scraps... Again

I made some more time to scrap last night. I think I did about 15 pages - the sad thing is that I burned the creative candle a bit too much, I'm afraid. By page 10 I was losing focus. My creativity was waning and I kept coming across notes to myself that read "embellish with something." WTH is that, Rachel? Seriously? "Something???" The whole point of making notes for myself is so that I don't have to think about putting it all together. I can just see the vision and create. But when my notes are crap and it's 10:30 at night, apparently I am crap as well. Sigh. I have quite a few more pages to do (I saved them up and printed them all at once this time - perhaps there is a lesson to be learned here. I need to do about a dozen at a time and not burn myself out!).

I did have some time to play around with an acrylic stamp set and paint last night (before I passed out, comatose). You can see the results below on the page "Those 2" - the stamping/painting worked just fine, but the washing of the little pieces and the making sure they didn't go down the drain part was a pain in the ass. I don't know that I'll be doing that again. Think I might try to find a small wooden alpha stamp set - a little more durable, I think.

So, here are my favorites.

July 25, 2007

More Digi Supplies

I have an addiction and I'm very well aware of it, thank you very much. It's just that I went to Digital Design Essentials looking for something very specific (the journaling tags) and then came across some just perfect paper packs. I had to have them.

Do you blame me? I mean, the ladybugs and the school buses alone!!!

To Do List Update

I keep remembering things I have to get done, thereby increasing the "Things To Do Before We're Five" list... but so is life.

Proud to say I can cross off the following items:
  • Make photo appointment at JCPenney for October (we're down for October 13 at 10am)
  • Finish cataloging all family photos and get into American Crafts albums (what a project - OY!)
  • Grass seed the backyard (thank you, Honey)
  • Design baby announcements (can't wait to show them off; they're hybrid, too)
  • Plan welcome party for after baby arrives (in lieu of a shower)
  • Sign up for all-day birthing class (yes, we're crazy) and siblings class (Aug 24&25 for us, Sept 8 for the boys)

Whew! Hoping to get even more done this weekend.

A Few Scraps

I worked in some time to hybrid scrap last night. These are a few of my favorites.

July 24, 2007

Japanese Cute

So in all of my meanderings around the 'net, I have noticed that Japanese fabrics, decorations, and toys are just about the most darling things on the planet. Most of the time, the wording is in English or French (confusing, I know, but tis true).

I found a new blog this morning, belonging to Velda (here http://spiralling.typepad.com/) with these yummy goodies, which are from the Japanese company Decole. LOVE.

Holy Harry Batman

Well, I've finished the book. Last night, around 8pm. I cried, I laughed, I cheered out loud. Oh yes, I did. JK Rowling truly made her fans proud and rewarded them for their dedication throughout the seven book series. The seventh book is AMAZING. It's a 750 page roller coaster that I would ride 100 times. I was especially excited to read the epilogue. It made me insanely happy. Because, you know, the characters in these books are real!!! Well... it certainly feels like they are when you've been reading their emotions and hopes and dreams and fears for seven years. I will certainly miss Harry Potter now that this last book is over. I certainly will.

PS - My husband's radio spoiler was WRONG!!!! YAY!!!!

July 23, 2007

Happy Monday

Here it is Monday already. Another great weekend. I'll run through it shortly, but first want to say - I'M NOT DONE WITH THE BOOK YET, so get away with the spoilers!!! I seriously cannot watch the news, read the paper, or even Yahoo news. I'm scared to check my best friend's blog just in case there is something there I'm not ready to see. I've made it to page 540-something - Gringott's. WOW - this book is phenomenal and it really took off before it was even out of the second chapter. Like, Bang! Hold on for the ride! I brought it with me to read at lunch today. Only about 200 pages left, so I should be done by tomorrow. Then I can resurface in the world again. :)

As I speculated, I felt far too guilty to just sit and read all weekend, so I did some work around the house. I did three loads of laundry and made three homemade chicken pot pies (I took the time to hand chop all of the vegetables, fresh this time - it truly made it fantastic!) - one for Sunday dinner and the other two to freeze for when baby sister arrives and I don't feel like cooking.

Baby sister. Oh, less than 70 days left now and I was really feeling it yesterday. Lots of pelvic pain - as in, my actual pelvis feels like it's splitting in two. OUCH. Believe it or not, the Tempurpedic isn't taking it away. I didn't really think it would... pregnancy pain is no match for ANY mattress, no matter how therapeutic. All of me but my hips love our new mattress. Sorry - tangent - so, baby sister and I are doing well. I have so many ideas on belly pages all of a sudden, but I'm still scared to scrap her before she's born. Dumb pregnancy ju-ju. If you've ever lost one, you know *exactly* what I'm talking about.

Over the weekend my husband came to me again, wanting to take another family trip to Home Depot. Well, okay then. The result was going from these very hideous things:

To these not at all hideous and MUCH more updated things:

Dude - replacing the light fixtures in the kitchen, dining room, and bedroom weren't even on my list! FANTASTIC! I'm overjoyed.

Hopefully I'll have a book review for you tomorrow.

July 21, 2007

I'm In Harry Heaven

Okay, so that last post sounded cranky. Sorry. But I totally was cranky. Then, I decided to do something to make the time pass until my book arrived - so Trevor and I headed out to see The Order of the Phoenix (review in a minute). Would you believe that we ran into our mailman in the driveway? He said, "are you ready to read?" with this wicked smile on his face. So, I put HP7 safely inside and we continued to our movie. I was in a much better place already.

The movie was good, though as always, I wish they wouldn't cut so much out of the movies. The books truly, truly are much better. I couldn't believe that they omitted the howler to Aunt Penunia in the beginning and how that effects Harry's protection inside their home in Little Winging. I mean, that was really important. They also left out a LOT about the D.A. fighting the death eaters; those guys all did their part and that was sorely missing from the movie. But overall, I still give it an A+, mostly because I like Harry so much. And also because for today, it was something that Trevor and I shared, just the two of us.

So now I am home and before I start reading, I am blogging. Because I'm a dork.

I doubt I can read this entire book in one or two sittings; I mean I could if I were to ignore everything else, but since my guilt won't let me do that, it will likely take me a few days. Maybe not. Tomorrow is Sunday, after all. The day of rest. The day of I-stayed-up-all-night-reading-and-now-I-am-a -Do-Nothing.

I'm TRYING To Be Patient

But it's hard. Folks, in case you don't know or haven't guessed, I'm a bit of a nerd about some things. Especially when it comes to this:

So, it's Saturday, July 21 - the official release of the seventh and last book in the Harry Potter series. I've had difficulty in getting the new HP books in the past (sold out, most places) so this time, I preordered on Amazon.com. They promised me my book by today (they SAID morning) or it is free. Well, folks, it's 10:34 and I still haven't been able to snuggle into Harry yet. I'm pissed. Seriously.

I called Amazon customer service. I spoke to someone in India, which is typical and fine and all that, except this morning it wasn't because I couldn't understand a freaking word the guy was saying while dishing out coffee and cinnamon twists to the family. Once I made him repeat everything, I understood that the guarantee still stands. Well, that's great except I don't give a flying fig about my $18, I want my book! NOW! He said the book was sent via USPS and isn't trackable, except that it is supposed to be delivered today. Great... I'm no closer to anything.

I totally should have gone to Walmart and waited in line. *Sigh.*

I am totally and utterly disappointed. Praying for my mailman to come and bring me some Harry.

Guess I'll have to scrap today instead. And stay away from the internet, the radio, the television, and most-unfortunately my best friend... all of whom know what happens except for ME! I'll never forgive my husband for spoiling just one thing (don't worry, I wouldn't dare share what he spilled to me after overhearing it on the radio and thinking it was stupid and meaningless - it totally wasn't!) and I don't want anything else spoiled.

So, if you're reading this while taking a break from HP7 or after having finished it - this is me, sticking my tongue out at you.

July 19, 2007

Can't Wait To Use These


Taking It Easy or Wimping Out

So, I've decided to remove a few things from my "Things To Do Before We're Five" list because frankly, I do not have a money tree in my backyard. As much as I want to complete every single one of these tasks prior to baby's arrival, I need to be realistic. Each of these represents money that could and should be more wisely spent as we grow our family. So, if I get around to them, I'll jump for joy. If not, I'm not going to bash myself. I'll just throw them on a Spring to-do list or something.
  • Have ceramic tile professionally cleaned in all four bathrooms
  • Choose and put up wallpaper in main guest bath
  • Twin bedframes for Trevor and Andrew, bedside tables
  • Ceiling fans in family room, boys room, and master bedroom

I still desperate want to repaint the halls and should be able to do that for less than $100, so I'm keeping it on the list for now.

So, I'm taking it easy on myself, not wimping out.

July 16, 2007

We Have Been Busy

And spending money like crazy people. Really. Crazy. Makes me kind of sick thinking about it. I mean, I know we had to do these things, but OY!

First up on Saturday came this (well, only the bed, dresser, and nightstands)

and that's totally NOT my room, obviously - but just the online picture. I'll post new pics when it comes in 4-6 weeks.

Then, the bigger "oy!", which became a member of the family on Monday

So, we can checkmark

  • New bedroom set for master bedroom
  • Trade in Focus for a family-of-5 friendly vehicle

Now if only I could find just the right bed linens *sigh*.

July 13, 2007

New Digital Supplies

Did some digital shopping this morning.

Ebay Score, Etc.

It's been a while since I've Ebay'ed - but something caught my eye yesterday. When I popped on this morning, I sniped it with less than a minute left in the auction. It must have been meant to be. Check out this very poor picture of a vintage wooden Holly Hobby musical crib mobile (1974), still in working order. I truly love it, so I hope that it arrives just as it was described and I am picturing it! Here is the awful pic posted by the seller:

In other random news, I spent hours the other night watching the Top Chef marathon on Bravo. I LOVE that show. As I watched in awe of their culinary skills, I sat and ate Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and a pickle. I'm high class, I tell you! At least I put freshly ground black pepper on the mac & cheese! Fine, don't laugh. But I found it totally ironic.

July 12, 2007

A Smattering of Things

Had an ultrasound appointment yesterday. Baby sister is looking beautiful; still a girl and gloriously healthy, praise the Lord. She weighs 3 pounds, which is also excellent. She spent most of the ultrasound sucking her thumb and kicking herself in the forehead. We found out that she is not transverse, but is already head down. Hope she stays that way. Hard to believe there is only 10 weeks to go on that "things to do before we're five" list! Oy! I now feel *almost* free to do laundry... it's slowly sinking in that in 10 weeks or so, we will have a baby. The baby will come out. Oy again! LOL.

As is becoming my custom, I went to my favorite thrift shop after my appointment to look for goodies. Sadly, I did not find any cute coffee cups or glassware calling my name. I did find this darling handknit sweater, which I cannot WAIT to put on our baby girl. Isn't is precious? Look at the little flower buttons! $2. Made me seriously happy.

I also decided to tackle the window in the nursery again. After almost 45 minutes, I had the corner rod up... only to discover that I'd placed the middle bracket in the wrong place! So, I took that out, remeasured and drilled the new holes and fought for another 15 minutes to get the wacky screws into the wall to secure the brackets. I tell you what, I love that Smith + Noble had these corner window rods, I really do - but the screws they sent to use are neither flat NOR phillips. It was FUN, let me tell you! So. An hour and some paint and patch ups later, here we are.

Also need to cross this off my to do list (thanks to my hubby):
  • Install new light fixtures in 3 bathrooms (COMPLETE)

Have a nice day!

July 9, 2007

I Could Pass Out From CUTE

I want some wooden toys for baby sister. I'm in love with the simplicity and plain-ness Haba. Seriously, just so cute I had to share.