January 30, 2008

Another Turning Point, A Fork Stuck In The Road

Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go...
So make the best of this test and don't ask why...
I hope you've had the time of your life.

Amazing song there, folks. By probably my all-time favorite band, Green Day. LOVE them. That's actually very old school GD, but it's what came to mind when my "Create New Post" screen popped open.

So much has happened since that last post about our dear Nana. Judy. We almost lost her. Well, that sounds dramatic, but we definitely could have.

She hasn't been feeling well for a couple of months. She says she's old and then tells me to mind my own business when I urge her to call her doctor. She's also a nurse so that makes her a terrible patient. And she's a two-time breast cancer survivor (warrior), so that makes me a bit... anxious when it comes to her health. So anyhow, she's been short of breath for a while. She attributed it to asthma and COPD (she quit smoking 2 packs a day of methols just last September, after almost 40 years).

Sunday, she had some bleeding - I won't mention where, but it was somewhere you never want to see blood coming from. And it gave her a TON to talk about, given her previously mentioned fascinations. Rambling again, sorry. So, the bleeding got bad enough for me to make her call her doctor, who of course insisted she go to the ER. Lots and lots of hours later she was admitted, CAT scanned, and colonoscopized and had a diagnosis of diverticulosis (irritation of the bowel lining - not serious).

Seems while she was there they also did an EKG and found something "funny." Suddenly one overnight in the hospital turned into two, and two into three, and we had a cardiologist watching her. She had a heart catheterization this morning, during which they found her right coronary artery (the one that supplies crucial oxygen to her heart muscles themselves) to be 75% blocked in one spot and 95% blocked in another. Judy is now the proud owner of two shiny new stints. And we're on day 4 in the hospital now. She's been told she'll be released tomorrow morning and can go right back to every day activity - including chasing grandkids (yes, I specifically asked).

So, I will admit that while my biggest prayers surrounded the health of my one family person (and fears of being orphaned totally swam in my head), I had a few extraneous prayers that concentrated a bit on a certain trip I've been planning. A certain flight I have to catch on Friday morning. And I had guilt over those prayers, but I'm just being honest here. It's been YEARS since I've had the ability or opportunity to do anything for myself, really, just to do it. And this is sort of the culmination of my new path in a lot of ways. To not go would be more than a disappointment. It would totally break my heart. That said, I need to get Nana well first - then run like hell for the airport.

So, because Judy's been in the hospital, I've had to be a stay at home mom (strike that - I've been a running, schlepping madwoman) with Mabel since Monday. I imagine work is none too happy about it, but such is the life of a single mother with only one babysitter, I suppose. I need to find me some more of those suckers (kidding).

Anyhow, one of my work friends (a devout Christian woman) sent me an email asking about my mother. I asked her if it was okay to tell God that my plate was full. She said, "yes, but that means it's time to ask Him for help managing it." I told her that I felt like God has been carrying me through the sand since September.

I really do. And I am thankful for SO, SO much.

Two sleeps until Mabel and I board a plane headed for Lulu's!

Please pray the snowstorm they're predicting doesn't start until after 8am!

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