January 15, 2008

For The Love of Shoes, Part 2

So, two pairs of new shoes came in the mail for me last night. I love them. They got me thinking.

Have you ever had a pair of shoes for like, YEARS, that you just can't stop wearing? They seem to go with every outfit and mold to any occassion. They feel good on your feet and you look fantastifabulous in them. Your shoes garnish all kinds of compliments so you begin to think that they're the only pair you need... nothing could ever be wrong with your shoes... they must be PERFECT, right? You're perfectly happing tossing aside other shoes and wearing only that one pair of comfy shoes. You take good care of your shoes, too - truly trying everything you can to keep them around forever.

Sometimes your comfy shoes continue to fit you well despite the constant wear but sometimes (and this is scary if you're dedicated and love your shoes) they just give out. Most of the time you don't even realize that they're worn out until you have the guts to take them off of your feet and inspect them a little bit. Look at places you might not really want to see, like say, every road you've ever walked.

Sometimes the sole is worn out and your shoes can no longer support you and the dreams you're on your way to achieving.

Sometimes the sides break down and just don't comfort you anymore.

Sometimes we look down and notice that our poor shoes need some attention if they're going to keep carrying us over the long haul. Maybe in an effort to spiff up your shoes you put them in the washer and dryer to clean them off a bit - refresh them and make them like new again. Only, your shoes are shrunken and misshapen after that wash. And maybe, despite your best efforts, they don't feel good anymore. Maybe they even hurt.

Sometimes you notice that, over the years, your feet have grown and changed and that you can't get to where you need to go anymore.

Maybe you start to wonder why you're wearing shoes at all. If your feet are tired and hurting, isn't it easier to just kick them off and walk on your own bare feet?

Truth is, most of us would keep wearing our comfy shoes despite all of these changes because that's what we're used to. We push and shove our feet into this pair of comfy shoes that we're afraid to part with even when we're not supported, not comforted, not carried and feeling pain. When we're no longer getting compliments or feeling great in or about our shoes.

We're afraid to take them off and do that true inspection I was talking about - to look at where we've been and wonder why we wore those shoes for so, so long. Because it hurts to think you've been walking in vain and making your pain worse.

I think we're afraid to do it because we'll not only realize that our shoes need tossing, but also that our feet are no longer the same. That our feet really hurt. I think we're afraid to think about what that means and how to deal with it.

Well, I'm in the process of tossing my comfy shoes. I've had the same pair on my feet for more than a decade and they are showing more than signs of wear. They have disintigrated, really. And when I think about it, my feet really, really hurt. Truth is, they haven't really been supported or comforted or carried for a long time no matter how I tried to think so. Taking care of my shoes didn't work. They just gave out. Wore out. Maybe I outgrew them and deserve better shoes.

So, I think I'll find me a pair of boots that were made for walking. Walking boots that will help take me where I need to be to be HAPPY.

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  1. That was very well said. Good luck finding a new pair of boots to support all your needs.