January 14, 2008

Happy Monday!

I've decided that I no longer hate Mondays. I like - no LOVE - Mondays. Because you know what Mondays are? They are a defined reason to begin fresh. The entire week starts over. I mean, sure, time continues to pass us by and we can't go back in time or retreive anything we missed (believe me, with 3 growing kiddos I totally know that cliché). But when Monday comes it's almost like a blessing. A new chance to rework the routine of the week - and for us Mommies, that is BIG. It's a new opportunity to show your kids/spouse/friends/whomever what they mean to you. A new chance to "do it right." A new opportunity to find yourself. *ding, ding, ding* THAT is what today is screaming at me. I need to do more work on ME. And that is making me happy today.

So, we had a good weekend. It was great, really. Sure it was full of logistical mess and trying to cram 1 gillion things into an hour like I typically do when I procrastinate. But, we all woke up. We are alive and put our feet on the floor. And I made some time to sit and vegg out with the kids (Ratatouille and Spiderman 3 back to back), time to tickle them senseless (Mabel not so much - she's really not ticklish), and I made time to be creative. That is BIG.

Here are 3 pages I did this weekend.

I'm not entirely sure this one came out exactly like I saw it in my head, but it's close enough. I think it gets the point across, don't you? :) I tried it without the painted edges and that was too sterile looking for the bright colors on the page... and then I thought about doing a very thin paintwash (in yellow) over the Heidi Swapp alpha, but changed my mind. Sometimes it's good to leave well enough alone.

Here is a perfect example of a lift going astray, lol. I lifted Jamie Waters on this one. Things started changing when I realized I hadn't printed my pictures quite small enough. And I was concerned that the backgrounds in the pictures were really too dark to make this page look the way I wanted to lift. I added the same red Queen & Co stars, a Santa head that I printed and cut out from MS clip art, a strip of the only red patterned paper I have (need to get some), and yes... I'll admit that is a *whispers* Jolee's light bulb garland. In the end, it looks totally different than intended, but I like it nonetheless.

Finally, a page of Miss Moo. I have to share a short story with you before you can fully appreciate the hilarity of this layout (and then again you might not then either, lol). But it's funny to me. Anyway, moving on... my mother in law bought Mabel a very fancy outfit from Strausberg Children's when she was born. I took a few pictures in the bonnet and bloomers (check out my blog in early October and you'll see them), but then our life imploded and the outfit was packed away and Moo grew unbelieveably fast. So, the mother in law was pestering me to take some pictures of her ("all professional-like") in the full outfit so that she could have an oil painting made. I am flattered by this, but time has not been on my side. As a newly single mom it's not easy making time for baths, meals, and breathing, let alone a photo shoot. Long story short, I stuck her in the newborn-sized outfit at 12 weeks. It was HILARIOUS how her fat rolls chubbed out of the sides and edges of this thing, lol. I had to take it off pretty quickly because it was cutting off the circulation to her big fatso arms. So, I took a bunch of fancy pictures. They are beautiful and darling, but I'm not a super fancy gal and neither is my Mabel. I took the fancy booties off of her chubbo feet and took the bottom shot. Then I took the one of her tipping over while reaching for her feet (and trying to breathe inside of this WAY too dang small outfit) by mistake. I HAD to scrap them.

A close up of the painted foam stamp (Michael's for $1, people!), the Thickers alpha, a red button, and a white glass brad from whoknowswhere.

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