January 22, 2008

Happy Monday

A whole swirl of activity is going on in my brain today.

It's Monday, which I like, which means it's a new week, a fresh start - and I have a TON of things to do.

  • I have to make a list of what to pack to go see Lulu. My bag, Moo's bag (and fret about how to haul them through the airport while pushing Moo in her stroller), shoes, toiletries, baby junk, my camera, the list is GROWING.

  • Start an inspiration binder/file/journal about our new place, wherever that is. I'm itching. It will still be a couple of months yet, but I need to do it. And it will take many, many lists, lol.

  • Worry about my mom (prayers requested, please). No further details right now.

  • Write a letter TO my comfy shoes (that I'll never mail) stating why exactly they do not support and comfort me anymore. A list of resentments. This, at the advice of my therapist, is needed for me to drop the guilt I feel about taking my shoes off.

  • Report my comfy shoes to greater authorities for failure to do as they have been ordered. Fun.

On a different note, we had much excitement on Martin Luther King Day. Trevor finally, FINALLY lost a tooth. Poor kid is over 7 and finally joining the likes of his peers.

Of course the tooth hullaballoo got Andy all sorts of jealous, ever wanting to follow in Trevor's footsteps - or even maybe one day actually beat him to something. He sulked and fussed for better than an hour that he hadn't lost his very own tooth. So, I sat down and checked his teeth just to make him feel better - at 5 1/2 I certainly didn't expect any wigglers (especially since older brother is over 7!). Wouldn't you know. Even Andy's teeth have Andy's timing. They do things when they want to do them. Making a statement the whole time, lol. All four bottom teeth are loose. Thank GOODNESS Trevor lost his first - he would have been crushed!

For now, Andy is a wiggling fool, trying to get one/some/all to fall out so that he, too can be visited by the tooth fairy and get a dollar.

Why do they have to grow up so fast? :(

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