January 18, 2008

He's Her Brother

Last night was great. The boys don't have school today or Monday, so we started the weekend early. We ordered pizza and watched Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix. Very fun. Moo was a bit fussy at one point so I laid her on the couch in front of me, cradled in my armpit like she likes. She was immediately content (this baby has ALWAYS had a thing for body closeness) and proceeded to sucking her fists and cooing. Anyhow, Lulu called and I hopped up to answer the phone. I turned Moo sideways so she wouldn't roll off of the couch (she refuses to even attempt rolling - her thighs are too fat) and spoke on the phone in the kitchen. I heard Andy escape to the basement. Moo fussed here and there but I knew Trevor would get her binky if she needed it.

Moments later I peeked out into the living room to check on my two darlings and I caught a glimpse of Trevor's alfalfa sprout sticking up from the couch. I very quietly grabbed my camera and took this.

Seems Trevor wanted to experience a bit of that little sister smooshy body closeness for himself. I love that both of the boys try really hard to soothe her; it's so sweet.

So, Lulu and I continued to gab for a while and when we hung up and I went back into the living room, I was greeted by another site that melted my heart.

He'd somehow managed to sit her up, get underneath her with the Boppy pillow, lay her on top of it and had time to get all comfy, too. She was playing with his lips and nose (until I put a stop to that preciousness - I mean, hello - germs!).

He's her brother and she likes it that way.

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  1. This is the sweetest thing EVER!!! What a wonderful brother!