January 24, 2008


Judyisms. Not to be confused with Judaiism.

My mom is Judy. God love her. I love her to pieces, too. My mother is of a certain age and from a certain generation. She says "gararge" and "di-a-per" and "warsh." She finds fun in a variety of things like surgical stockings, green tea, peanut M&Ms, and p00p. She's a nurse so there's nothing more fun than talking up an interesting BM.

This afternoon she and I watched A Baby Story together. On the show there was a preemie birth. The baby came home healthy and the mommy was interviewed while burping her baby on her lap.

Judy looks up and sees this burping and says, "that's what they have to do to preemies, you know."

I said, "what is?"

"Burp them," she said.

Ahhhh. Classic Judyism there, folks.

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