January 1, 2008

Let The New Year Ring

I am both sad and very, very happy to see 2007 go. Surely, it brought many happy memories and the birth of our daughter... but 2007 was rough. Big time. I'm glad it's gone. I even teared up when old Dick Clark counted down to 2008. I wasn't sure why, but it felt like a big release.

I feel both excitement and dread for the path ahead, but I have faith that God will guide us on our journey through 2008.

Oh that reminds me, I made the first entry into my thankful journal last night. It seemed fitting to set forth my own expectations for the new year.

I've just been hanging out...playing with the kiddos (lots of games from Santa), tickling toes and double chins (Mabel's), and scrapbooking. Why yes, I did say scrapbooking - I've made 10 pages so far, I think. I'm LOVING it. And I promise I will share.

I go back to work in a couple of days and I promise to post pics and pages then. I swear. :)

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