January 3, 2008

A New Year, New Photos to Share

This is going to be one seriously *random* post, y'all. At least I have lots of pictures to share. Here we go!

Here are some shots of Mabel taken in the lovely outfit my mother-in-law got for her. My mother-in-law wanted some froo-froo pics, but I wanted these.

Hanging out in the exersaucer that Nana Claus brought her for Christmas.

Andy looking uber-thrilled that Daddy got him a robotic puppy.

Just a few days after Christmas, Trevor turned seven. So sad to watch time fly by us.

Moo sleeping with her baby.

Because she looks DARLING in red (and look at those long fingers!). She's watching me scrapbook.

Finally, a recent sink bath. Notice how she's too chubby to fit in nicely, lol?

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