January 7, 2008


Alas, a few more pages over the weekend.

This one is a lift of Jamie Waters. I made it my own, but I was inspired by the idea of capturing my thoughts and grief over my last pregnancy - and I totally loved the layout.

For this one, I got into the transparency idea. I printed out a coloring book page and made a transparency out of it. Then, I journaled on the rough side of the transparency after attaching it to the page.

This might be my first pull-out, ever. Seriously. If not, it's been so long since I've done one that I don't remember doing it, lol.

This one didn't come out the way I wanted it. I'm probably going to order a Heidi Swapp polka dotted mask, pull everything off of the black cardstock to paint white polka dots on it, and then reattach. This one started off digital and I reworked it in real life. Not finished yet.

This one is a lift of Donna Downey, big time. I loved the 'Did You Know?' idea to capture all of Mabel's cuteness. Now I'm having trouble with the title - that's what that huge blank space is for near the top. Ideas?

I worked on this one over Christmas break but finally added the pic to it last night. I love the page, but the journaling is far too private to share. Sorry!

And finally, one of my absolute favorite pages - EVER. I think it's the American Crafts polka dotted paper that I love so much. I've been dreaming up this page since I was still pregnant, and I'm so glad that it came out in real life the way I saw it in my head.

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